It is chic, trendy, smart, and compassionate to strive for green house cleaning. The world has never seen a more collective push to restore green ideals and actions, and there is no downside to helping the Earth flourish as it ought. For questions on green house cleaning, however, there can still be answers that are foggy at best. Let us offer our best green house cleaning tips that can be applied to any residential situation.


Green House Cleaning Tips


1. Start by reducing as many purchases as you can

The trusted and oft-heard “reduce, reuse, recycle” phrase rings as true today as it did when first spoken. This is also the order in which you should act with physical goods for maximum benefit from your green house cleaning efforts. Reducing what you buy in the first place is most effective, because over time, it signals to manufacturers that consumer demand is shifting.

Reusing items around your house, especially your green house cleaning products, is the next best step. Perhaps an empty spray bottle can be refilled with a different fluid for separate use. Finally, recycling whenever possible will diminish the amount of trash in your home. You are already off to a better start than most families if you implement all three of these green house cleaning tips.


2. Apply true elbow grease where needed

Green house cleaning, while certainly more logical in the long run, still takes time and effort. There is no such thing as a magic wand, even for your maid service. Understand that while using green house cleaning products makes a difference in chemicals, you still have to roll up your sleeves and invest energy to maintain a beautiful home.


3. Do research on your options before finalizing a purchase

All types of businesses have paid attention to the shift in consumer mindset towards green cleaning products, the greatest of which are the companies you’ve been buying from before. For green house cleaning, there are two ways to make the right choices with products.

First and foremost, use cleaning agents that are already green house cleaning products by nature. For example, baking soda, salt, vinegar, lemons and limes are fantastic examples of natural, green house cleaning substances. If you have to make use of a more complex agent, have no fear – simply look for one or more of these seals on the product’s label.


4. When in doubt, ask the business or retailer

One of the most beautiful things about today’s consumer world is that each buyer has more power than they realize. When retailers do not shift their products to reflect desires of consumers everywhere, they are jeopardizing their sales with consumers looking for green house cleaning products. If you have a favorite retailer, ask a manager about their product options for green house cleaning products. Check out 6 Tips for Leading a Green Life and Making Green Purchases.

If you find no help with retailers, chances are Amazon or eBay will have what you need. Green house cleaning products are in no shortage, but sometimes it is just about where you look for them.


Need one more of our green house cleaning tips?

Perhaps you already have the green house cleaning products you need, but there’s too little time in your schedule to clean the whole house. Or maybe you have the time, but there are other obstacles to getting the cleaning done. Whatever the case, Maids by Trade offers eco-responsible cleaning that you don’t have to do. One of our teams is just a free estimate away. We customize every estimate to the homeowner’s needs, and we’re always open to additional requests or concerns. Check out our Pinterest boards for eco-responsible ideas.