August 26th is Women’s Equality Day.  The day was created long ago to celebrate granting the right for women to vote throughout the United States.  Women’s equality took a giant step on August 26, 1920 when the 19th amendment was added to the United States Constitution.  Now we celebrate every year in memory of women’s equality.


Celebrate Women's Equality Day


Even one hundred years ago women were treated as though they were lesser than their male counterparts.  There was no such thing as women’s equality.  Women were expected to stay home with the children, cook, clean, and serve their husbands.  We sure have come a long way!  Now women are treated as equals in the eyes of the law and can be seen in just as powerful positions in the corporate world as men.


Celebrate Women’s Equality Day

Probably the best way to celebrate women’s equality is to register to vote.  Every American (both women and men) needs to utilize their right to vote.  Every person needs to go out and vote for the candidate that best represents what this country needs in a new leader.

After you are registered to vote, you don’t have to stop the celebration of women’s equality just yet.  There is still plenty of time and reason to keep on celebrating this great occasion.  Following are a few ideas to choose from, or you could choose them all!

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Celebrate Your Favorite Woman

Take your favorite woman out for lunch, dinner, or drinks.  You could also choose to send flowers, a card, or catch up over the phone.  Celebrating women’s equality is a chance for us to celebrate the women in our lives.  The women of today serve vastly different roles than they did historically.  That is a great thing, and women everywhere deserve a little recognition on this important day.


Celebrate Women's Equality Day and have fun


Educate the children of our world on the importance of women’s equality and teach them the history of the women’s suffrage and why we have made the changes in our government.  It may seem crazy to them that a time existed where women did not work outside the home or could not voice their opinions in public.  That is why it is so important to teach the children about the past. You can even educate teens and adults by reminding them how far women have come in the world.


House Cleaning

Hire a maid service to come in and do the house cleaning.  A hundred years ago, all house cleaning tasks were handled by women.  Men would go to work while the women stayed behind to raise the children and take care of all the house chores and house cleaning.  Now it is much more common for couples to split house chores between the man and woman.  It is very common that both husband and wife work outside the home and raise the children together.  Who says the house cleaning has to be performed by either husband or wife?  Hire a maid service to celebrate women’s equality and enjoy a clean house while celebrating history!

Women’s Equality Day is an important anniversary of a historical turning point in the United States of America.  The day that women were allowed to vote was the day that opened up hundreds of doors for women in the United States.  Voting was only the beginning of what now makes up women’s equality.  Women all over the country are making a difference.  They are helping to run the country, run large corporate businesses, and run their homes as well.  Men and women are now seen as equals, and it all started with the right to vote.


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