Hey men, listen up! Ever heard of International Women’s Day? If not, this is your chance to take a few actions of lasting significance for the women in your life. Mothers, grandmothers, wives, aunts and girlfriends are likely the ones who have invested the most time and energy with you.

International Women’s Day began over a century ago, born out of the frustration and anger of being ignored, exploited and mistreated. Naturally, this isn’t the sweetest thought to consider, but it is precisely why recognizing and upholding women on International Women’s Day is such a priority. Perhaps you already treat your wife or mother with the appreciation she is due, or perhaps this post evokes twinges of guilt. No matter the case, showing her you care on this day is sure to leave her feeling loved.


International Women's Day


Ways to Show You Care on International Women’s Day

Hand-written card

Often times, we men are guilty of not expressing our gratitude and true thoughts with enough clarity about the key women who have supported and nurtured us for years. Composing a hand-written card is a gesture that will touch her heart immensely.

Every woman loves flowers

Flowers are so well cherished by the ladies that bringing yours a bouquet will have her smiling for days. Go a step beyond most other guys and handpick an assortment for her. If you know her favorite kind of flower, this is even better. Even a type with her favorite color will be a notch up from randomly choosing something. If you’re the type of man who brings your woman flowers more frequently and you need some fresh ideas.

Take up a chore

In the landscape of today’s working world, statistics show that many women are continuing to work, even as movements such as International Women’s Day continue to advocate for the equality of women. Even if your woman is primarily handling household duties, give her a much-needed break and tackle a few house chores. If you’re not quite sure where to start, here are 5 things that will make your wife happy.

If you’re realizing that there’s more to be done around the house, consider our professional cleaning services that are customized to your exact needs. We are prepared to help even when the both of you are exhausted. After all, you hopefully spent International Women’s Day showing appreciation and enjoying each other’s company!