Malls, with their thin mannequins and professionally-put-together outfits, aren’t usually known for boosting self-esteem. However, one creative group of musicians used the Barton Creek Square Mall in Austin, Texas to change that a little.


A Strange Mirror Showed Women Their True Selves


An all-female band called The Mrs. set up an interactive mirror. This group of compassionate, wise, and observant women thought it was high time to share a fresh message of dignity and respect with citizens of Austin.

This is a true to life message of love and understanding. Once you have seen this video, it is hard not to get misty-eyed and be so thankful for the fact that these women got to experience such a sincere gift.



Spread the Love, from Texas to Timbuktu!

Surprises like this need to be far more commonplace, don’t you agree? Not just in one mall in Texas, but everywhere there are people that don’t see their own value. Like this post if you appreciate what The Mrs. did and comment below with your thoughts!


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