Walk Your Dog Day is coming up on February 22nd – what better chance to appreciate your dog and give him or her a unique day to feel loved and respected! According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA), 47 percent of American households own at least one dog, so chances are there’s a beloved pooch you call your own! Naturally, taking your dog on an extra long or scenic walk is a great place to start. The ideas do not have to end there, though. Below are a few ways to treasure your dog and help him or her stay healthy and happy.


Walk Your Dog Day


Schedule in some valuable time for a walk

Before the actual day shows up, set aside extra time to enjoy much-needed fresh air a bit longer. If you normally only go for a 15 minute walk, go for 30 this time. If you’re normally outside for a 30 minute walk, go for 45 minutes or an hour. Soaking up regular time outdoors, even if it is brief, is a wonderful way for you both to feel vibrant and provide the exercise your dog wants and needs.


Vacuum and wash your dog’s bedding

The largest collector of microbes, dirt and hair in your house? It is very likely your dog’s bedding, which (if you’re like most dog owners) is overdue for a deep cleaning. Depending on the material it’s made out of, vacuum it first, then throw it in the wash with a generous dash of baking soda. The baking soda will help it maintain a crisp and clean appearance for much longer.


Give food and water dishes a hearty scrub

When is the last time you gave your dog’s water and food dish a true, meticulous cleaning? If you can’t remember, it’s time to give it that cleaning! If all of this seems like more work than it’s worth, take a look at 3 tips to make house cleaning around pets easy. Working smarter, not harder is the key.


Clean or replace the leash

On the next walk, inspect your dog’s leash to see if it’s still holding up to a quality level. If there’s more grime than shine, invest $10-15 in a new leash for your pup. And if your dog really loves being active.


Give the dog toys a fresh shine

It is also worth taking a closer look at the dog toys scattered throughout your home. Rotten tennis balls, dinged-up chew toys and doggy bones that are far past their prime are all in need of a change. If the toy is unsalvageable, toss it out. If it simply needs some water and suds, throw them all in a bin and give them a good scrubbing. This is also likely to keep your dog healthier longer, as clean toys mean less dried saliva and less bacteria sticking around.

For more ways we help your dog enjoy your clean home just as much as you do, check out our pet friendly house cleaning practices. And if you’d rather be out walking your dog while your home is being cleaned to a T, we’ve got that one in the bag. Maids by Trade exclusively uses the EcoPink™ System, which is safe and effective for everyone who lives in your house. Call us today!