3 Tips to Make House Cleaning Around Pets Easy


We all love pets. It’s a great feeling knowing your furry friend is always up for a game or ready to sit there quietly and listen to work rants and rave reviews. These fuzzy companions come with a few house cleaning chores, however–litter-box disposal, hair and fur clean-up, endless walks–the list goes on. We know it can become struggle to keep up, so we put together this list of three house cleaning tips for pet-owners:

1. Keep cages on wood or linoleum for clean carpets

Rodents are great buddies for animal-enthusiasts without lots of free time. Rabbits and guinea pigs don’t need to be walked, won’t tear up your furniture, and have small appetites compared to your neighbor’s Great Dane. They make great kid’s pets too–they do not require as much attention as a dog but they still offer a manageable level of responsibility for children to learn. Sounds easy from a house cleaning standpoint, right?

Well, not entirely. Here’s what to watch out for when house cleaning for rodents: bedding and shedding. These little beasts can leave surprisingly large amounts of fur all over your home, and the bedding in their cages can get everywhere if you’re not careful. Kids often want to keep their pets close-by in their rooms, leaving your carpets out of the conversation. Keep cages on hard, easily scrubbed surfaces to make house cleaning for Hammy the Hamster a breeze.

2. Stock up on the right products for pet-related house cleaning problems

Having the right house cleaning products available to clean up any accidents is essential in avoiding lasting damage to your living space. There are only a few basic items you need to keep handy, so as long as you have these, you’ve got nothing to worry about:

  • Multi-surface disinfecting cleaner. Useful in any house cleaning situation, pets or no pets.
  • Sweeper or mop. Helpful in picking up stray dander and performing hard-floor cleanups.
  • Stain & odor remover. Great for cleaning stubborn carpet spots.
  • Paper towels. Perfect for drying everything off afterwards.

Always check to make sure your house cleaning product choice is free of harmful chemicals that could harm you or your pets.

3. Give your pets toys and yourself spotless furniture

Have you ever come home to find your shoes thoroughly chewed by Roscoe or your great-grandfather’s family heirloom leather recliner torn up by an otherwise blasé feline? Your dog may be your best friend and your cat a muse with nine lives, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t above acting out for attention–leaving you with house cleaning nightmares.


House Cleaning around pets

Walk your dog often enough and make sure you properly train him to develop good habits as soon as he arrives in your home. If he’s having trouble breaking the habit of chewing on things, buy him some toys to save your shoes. If your cat is ruining furniture, consider purchasing a scratching post. Cats will respond to strong vocal commands like dogs, if trained from a young age. Firmly tell your pet “NO,” if they do something wrong to avoid future house cleaning hassles. Don’t forget to reward them when they listen to you!

Enjoying time with your loved ones shouldn’t be a bur  den, no matter how furry they are. If cleaning up after your pets gets to be too much, we’re always happy to help! Maids by Trade employees are trained professionals, ready to deal with any and all house cleaning challenges.

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