When we started this house cleaning blog, we wanted to cover everything about house cleaning. Everything. That includes even the different definitions people have for this term. For that information, we turned to Urban Dictionary, the online dictionary where anybody can post a definition for just about anything. Read more about the phrase you thought you knew in our presentation of House Cleaning: According to the Urban Dictionary.


House Cleaning According to the Urban Dictionary


Urban Dictionary Definition 1:

House Cleaning (noun): a reorganization of a business, government entity, or organization, especially with presumed intention of dismissing dishonest or incompetent officials/employees.

We know this definition is not directly about house cleaning, but we’d like to draw on it as an inspiration to give you some great house cleaning advice! Don’t be afraid to reorganize and shake things up in your home. Dismiss the dresser and get a new one. Fire your old fireplace mantel and replace it with a more stylish material. Find your new normal (that is, until it’s time to “clean house” again!).

Another interpretation of this definition could be dismissing incompetence. If you are hiring house cleaning professionals, are you satisfied with their services? Is your home really clean when you get home or have some things been left undone? If your cleanings aren’t up to snuff, then it may be time for some reorganization in regard to your maid service, too.


Urban Dictionary Definition 2:

House Cleaning (noun): **** that doesn’t do itself.

We’ll have to politely ask you to excuse the expletive. It is an online dictionary after all. But the core idea of this less-than-formal interpretation of the phrase “house cleaning” is actually spot-on. Your house is not going to clean up itself, no matter how you look at the problem. What can we take away from this? Someone must clean your house or your home will stay forever messy. We have a few suggestions that we think just might help:

  • Stock up on tissues: make sure every room is prepared in case someone has a cold!
  • Procure your paper towels: Having a quick clean-up option available for unexpected spills or accidents helps to avoid bothersome, stubborn stains.
  • Hire a professional house cleaning company, and be sure to verify that they only use eco-friendly house cleaning products certified by Green Seal.

We’re going to cut off urban dictionary definitions here before they get crazy. We hope you don’t mind us indulging ourselves in this little exercise. As always, feel free to call us anytime for an in-home consultation! We would love to be part of keeping your home clean and welcoming for everyone!

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