Trick or Treat? With Halloween, it can be hard to tell. The treat is the candy, the costumes, and all the fun. The tricky part is the mess, clean-up, and the knowledge that the busiest time of year is right around the corner. We here at Maids by Trade think you can turn the trick part of “trick or treat” into a treat! View Halloween as the calm before the storm. Use our pointers and that last bit of wiggle room to make Halloween (and maybe the weeks beyond) clean!


trick or treat!  Halloween Starts the Holidays


The Trick or Treat of Halloween Clean


Monitor your child’s candy before it gets sprawled across the house

There are any number of ways your child(ren) could come home after a long day of gathering sweets, but if they are like most, they will want to dive into at least some of their spoils before they go to bed. Use their active energy as a window to keep their candy organized and in one place.

Perhaps you are the type of parent to collect their treats and ration them out in small quantities throughout the coming year. Whatever your approach, take advantage of the brief time you do have to address the problem while it is minor.


Take down and box up your Halloween decorations

Without a doubt, one of the most intriguing and thought-provoking ways to learn about those you share a neighborhood with is to observe their holiday decorations. Halloween is a particularly opportune time to check out the type of tastes your neighbors have in aesthetics. This holiday is one where people often go all out, or not at all.

If your family enjoys putting up Halloween decorations, be a family of quality and box up your decorations within a week of the 31st. Think of it as one less task to check off your list once your schedule gets even busier.


Remember that colder weather is right around the corner, and act accordingly

Halloween means that colder temperatures and shorter days are directly ahead for the U.S. Depending on where you live, it may also mean copious amounts of snow. Whether you are a fan of the winter months or not, no one likes being caught in the middle of troubling situations due to procrastination.

Pre-November is the perfect time to make sure any outside appliances and belongings are covered, hoses and water spouts are cleared and closed up and your whole house is generally ready for harsher weather. If you are short on ideas, or you know you are missing something but cannot think of what, here are four in-depth tips on how you can prepare your home for end-of-the-year weather.


Use the opportunity to get a head start on clearing clutter or disposing of junk

Preparing for colder weather means donning more layers of clothing, pulling out traditional meal recipes and digging out quilts and heavy bedding items for colder nights. You will invariably come across some clutter as you sift through your belongings, but may be overwhelmed or confused on your next steps. Working through clutter is typically exhausting, if only because of the emotional drain that comes through evaluating the personal significance of each item you rediscover.

If you are looking for a solution to the amount of work you have to get through, remember that we are always happy to help. Our team members have faced a variety of cleaning issues throughout all seasons of the year and know how to lighten your burden. Check out our blog for further timely house cleaning tips, and contact us today for a free estimate on your home.

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