Summer brings many joys, including the freedom to appreciate a clean house and step out into the warmth of the sun. Sooner or later however, everyone gets a little worn out from the heat, and the refreshing cool of fall weather slides in. Along with the departure of heat come a few ways that your home has to be ready for the drop in temperature and different weather patterns, such as rain or snow. Here are a few critical steps you can take to prepare your home and keep it clean for fall.


4 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Fall


Check and replace your air conditioning filter, if necessary

In many instances, the air conditioner in your home will have been running all summer long, and sometimes even quite a bit during the spring before that. Heavy use such as this leads to the filter being covered in dirt, and you do not want poor indoor air quality during colder months when you and your family are spending more time inside.

Another critical aspect of cleaning your heating unit is making sure that it does not have massive amounts of dust, hair or any other odd residue in it. One of the easiest ways to handle this is by having it turned on for a few hours during the day, and then airing your house out in the afternoon or evening.

If you are not sure how to replace your filter, or you need a reliable and trustworthy service to examine your entire heating unit before fall, contact us for an estimate tailored to your home’s needs.



Inspect and test any smoke detectors and other monitoring systems

When a change in weather occurs, and more time and energy is spent indoors creating warmth for activities, there is not a better time to check up on your smoke detectors, both standalone equipment and any pieces included in the electrical grid of your home. Fall weather can bring very dry air, which aids in the spread of fire. Do yourself and your family a favor and drastically reduce the likelihood of any fires by inspecting and testing smoke detectors.


Clean out gutters, downspouts, concrete surfaces, hoses and faucets

Clearing your gutters and other potential ice collectors of water and debris is perhaps the most important part of preparing your home for fall, and cleaning your house as a whole. Using a garden scoop or small trowel to scoop out shingle residue, leaves, tree gunk and water gets the job done simply and effectively. Use a hose or dowel rod (or both) to clear out the remainder of any downspouts, to ensure that they will not freeze and clog up the gutters even further during fall and winter.

Hoses and faucets, after their last major use, should be cleared out and prepared for inclement weather. Using a plug or covering apparatus for outdoor faucets and hoses helps to prevent too much ice from building up at the spout.


Get your car prepared for the weather beyond fall

Cars have become more essential modes of travel over the past three to four decades, and they have to be prepared for fall and winter weather just as much as our homes. Making sure that its heating system works, test-running the wipers and topping off tire pressure are three vital components of harsh weather readiness. This will save you costly bills at the mechanic if a bigger problem were to ever arise, and it helps keep your car cleaner in the meantime.

Preparing your home for fall can be lengthier than it sounds at first approach. Plus, the time it takes to spend cleaning and maintaining your home could just as well go towards spending quality time with your family. Let us take some of the weight off of your shoulders, and get in touch with us for your in-home estimate.

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