Do you have unused space underneath your staircase?  You are so lucky!  The space under staircases can be used in so many ways!

You can be as creative as you like.  If you just need an extra closet for piling your extra stuff in or if you want to create a workstation, that unused and often neglected space will work!  It may add a bit to your home cleaning, but you can have a space designed just for you!


Appealing Ideas for Using the Space Under the Staircase


Storage Under the Staircase

Every house can use more storage.  There are not many people that would disagree with that!  The space under your staircase can be turned into storage to help you deal with a wide variety of things around your home.  You could turn it into a simple closet.  The closet will have full standing room for a few shelves and coat hanging.  If you take full advantage of the space, you will also have a shorter area in the closet where you can stack boxes.  It is simple and works for everyone.

You can also use the closet space as a kitchen pantry to store your dry goods.  Every chef dreams of a pantry with floor to ceiling shelves and room for all of the food and baking ingredients you could possibly buy.  You might not have thought about using the space under your staircase, but why not?  It is a great space for the cook in your home.

If the space under your stairs is not closed in, you can still use it for storage. The slanted ceiling under the staircase makes a perfect space for hanging and storing bicycles.  This might be a great option for those living in small apartments in the city.

Have a lot of books to store?  Turn the space under your staircase into a very cool system of books shelves.  Feel free to get creative with the shelves using different sizes and shapes.  This idea will work if the space is closed in or open.


Turn the Space into another Room

Are you short a bathroom in your home?  Not anymore!  Turn that neglected space under your staircase into a small powder room.  You probably cannot fit a full shower in the room, but a toilet and a sink will fit perfectly!  The shape of the room will add character.  This will add one more room to your home cleaning routine, but the payoff will be well worth it!


Turn Space Under the Staircase to a room


Are you a fan of wine?  What better use of the space under your staircase than a wine cellar?  You can build a wall of wine or put in a fairly good sized wine fridge.  Possibly turn the room into a bar with a small sink! Get out your clean wine glasses and have a designated spot for them now. This use of the space will be sure to impress your friends and family.

If you’ve always wanted a home office but thought you didn’t have enough room, claim the space under the staircase for this purpose.  A nice chair will fit in perfect.  You can build a work surface attached to the wall for a desk.  Add in a few decorations and a light and you will be back to work in no time.

What about Fido?  Does his dog house or crate stick out like a sore thumb in your pretty house?  Why not build him a fancy room of his own under the staircase?  He will have his own space where he can go spend time, and you will no longer have an ugly eyesore right in the middle of the living room.  If you do choose to create a doggy space, be sure you add routine vacuuming and dusting to your home cleaning schedule so that odors do not build up in the space.

Whatever you choose to do with the space under your staircase, be creative and have fun.  This often forgot about space can help solve many problems.  Use it for fun, use it for the pet, or use it to organize and store.  Make use of this valuable square footage of your home.

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