Wine glasses are symbols of sophistication that should look dazzling all the time. We have the information you need to take care of any blemish and ensure your wine glasses impress. Use our tips to clean any wine glass.


How to Clean Wine Glasses


How to Clean

The stem of a wine glass is very delicate and can break easily. When cleaning, hold the bowl rather than the stem to prevent breakage. Rinse the wine glass in warm water and use a mild soap and a sponge to clean. Gently buff the inside and outside of the glass. Rinse well and place upside down on a clean towel to air dry.


How to Remove Stains

Grab a bowl large enough to fit the entire glass. Place a cloth in the bottom to protect the wine glass from getting scratched. Fill the container with warm water and add a few tablespoons of vinegar. Fully submerge the glass in the vinegar solution. Let the glass soak for 30 minutes, then rinse the wine glass with clean water and place upside down on a clean cloth to air dry.


What Not to Do

Do not clean wine glasses in the dishwasher. The rough washing can cause them to shatter, and the heat can make the detergent stick to the glass. Detergent spots make glass look cloudy and dirty again.


How to Properly Store a Wine Glass

Don’t store wine glasses upside down. The rim of the wine glass is the most delicate part, so the less weight on the rim, the better. Store your glasses right side up or hanging upside down from the base.

You now know how to take proper care of your wine glasses. Break them out to entertain without worrying your guest will have a cloudy glass or find an embarrassing chip or crack. Feel free to check out our other tips for cleaning glass and many other kitchen items.