What are residential cleaning benefits? Why should anyone care if their house gets a little messy? Well, we think there are lots of benefits to cleaning your home including things like healthier environment, peace-of-mind, pride in your home, and even an improved social life.


Residential Cleaning Benefits


These things can be summed up with the acronym HOP.


Cleaning away the dust and dirt helps clear the air of germs.



You feel organized and in control of your personal space.



You welcome guests into a clean home free of stress or anxiety.


You want to enjoy a clean home, so hop to it!

Simply knowing you want, and deserve, a clean home doesn’t solve your problem. You need to pinpoint the source and fix it. This means being honest with yourself about why your house cleaning isn’t getting done. It comes down to two reasons:

  1. You don’t want to clean
  2. You don’t have time to clean

So, which of these fits you? Is it both, not wanting the hassle of cleaning AND not having time? Give yourself some credit for being honest. Now, let’s discuss some solutions so you can start enjoying the benefits of living in a clean home.


You don’t want to clean

Cleaning is boring! You motivate yourself to start cleaning, and then you immediately regret the decision. It’s easy to start thinking of everything else you’d rather be doing. You need to start thinking positive or you might talk yourself out of finishing any cleaning at all. Here are a few tips for getting through your house cleaning monotony and getting a few residential cleaning benefits.

#1 Turn on your favorite music
Having time to clean at home means you have freedom. Take control of your working environment and listen to what you want. Skip the radio (full of distracting talking and ads) and turn on a disruption-free flow of music that moves you.

#2 Set cleaning goals you can finish
Don’t set out to clean your entire house all at once. You will have no end in sight with an exhaustive all-or-nothing cleaning plan. Break your cleaning goals into manageable pieces. Choose a room (or even areas in one messy room) to focus all of your energy on for short spurts of time.

#3 Reward yourself for reaching goals
When you finish cleaning each area, take a short break to think about something else and relax. When you finish an entire room, reward yourself for staying motivated. Cleaning is hard work. Feeling accomplished will help motivate you next time.


You don’t have time to clean

Even if you are motivated to clean, this doesn’t guarantee that you have time. You walk through your house each morning, see a mess, and don’t know where to begin. You can try to convince yourself it’s not that bad as you leave, but you see it again as soon as you get home. To make real progress you need a cleaning plan AND time to clean.

#1 Try a cleaning plan

Your cleaning plan can start simple. It helps to break down areas of your home into quick, manageable parts. Take a few minutes at the beginning or end of your day to clean one small area. You won’t see much of a difference all at once, but overtime the mess will dwindle down. This is assuming that you don’t have kids or pets though, as each have a tendency to recreate messes.

#2 Touch up an already clean home

Do you know what’s more rewarding than slow progress?
The benefit of a clean home now that you can touch up as needed. You have the desire and motivation to clean, but you need daily cleaning that fits your busy schedule. This is a perfect scenario for calling in a professional home maid. Their initial deep cleaning will clear out the mess and make your daily cleaning manageable.


Do you lack motivation and time to clean?

Choosing a professional home cleaning company solves both of your problems. You get the residential cleaning benefits right away with no effort.

3 immediate residential cleaning benefits with professional home maids:

  1. Someone else cleans your home (so you don’t have to)
  2. Your home gets a full deep clean you can enjoy right away
  3. Your daily cleaning is reduced to simple touch-ups

You have options for reclaiming the clean house you deserve and getting all the discussed residential cleaning benefits. When you’re ready for home cleaning companies to help, contact Maids by Trade for an in-home consultation. We have over 15 years of residential cleaning experience and a fully customized cleaning plan perfect for your home.