Home Cleaning Companies

As the Portland population rises, home cleaning companies are in high demand. Every new neighbor means another house that needs cleaning. You have lots of options in the Portland area. This is good news, but sorting through the long list takes time.


home cleaning companies


Here are 3 time saving guidelines to help you choose the best house cleaning company.

Competition – Sort your options

Gone are the days of printed phone books and alphabetical lists of companies. Life is easier now. You can search online for an up-to-date view of residential cleaning companies serving your exact area.

Type “home cleaning companies Portland” into Google and you instantly see a clean, organized list on the front page. Your eyes are drawn up to a colorful map, filled with a cluster of options, and down to a colorful display of stars displaying ratings and reviews.

Perhaps most convenient, are the phone numbers listed next to each home cleaning company. From one page, you can call each cleaning service and compare quotes.

Testimonials – See what your neighbors say

As your city and local neighborhood grows, more cleaning companies move in. You could spend hours calling every company on the list.

Aside from a personal referral, local customer testimonials are your best option. Star ratings are helpful at a glance, but customer comments are more meaningful. Seeing what your neighbors have to say gives you a real life feel for the experience you can expect with each company.

You’ll see different testimonials on every review site. Well established house cleaning companies save you time by displaying testimonials directly on their website. Find a review source you trust, and start comparing your options.

To get you started, here are some popular review sites:


Promises – Compare satisfaction guarantees

As you research, look for companies who offer a full satisfaction guarantee.

This tells you which house cleaning companies stand by their work, and put you in charge of quality. Set your cleaning expectations and look for a guarantee that meets your guidelines.

Your expectations matter more than comparing companies and reading testimonials. Look for a satisfaction guarantee first. Narrow your list down to house cleaning companies who promise to put your priorities first.

In review, follow these three guidelines when looking at home cleaning companies:

  1. Sort your options
  2. See what your neighbors say
  3. Compare satisfaction guarantees


So which of the home cleaning companies is best?

Maids by Trade, of course! Your neighbors call us “friendly” and “on time.” Plus, we always give you a 24 hour guarantee to make sure you’re completely satisfied. So request your in-home estimate, or call our office.