Relaxation Day is celebrated each year on August 15th. It’s a day when normally busy people should make a deliberate effort to slow things down and take it easy. Will you be among those who celebrate this kick back day?


Relaxation Day — Ways to Celebrate


Relaxation Day — Its Origins

Relaxation Day started in the U.K. back in 2001, where it was called National Slacker Day. The idea of celebration a day of sheer relaxation quickly caught on in the United States, but under a bit more congenial moniker.

It might sound strange, but people accustomed to hard work often find it difficult to relax. They feel uncomfortable if they aren’t constantly working at or on something. Even if it’s a project that brings great pleasure, they don’t make an effort to enjoy actual down time.

Full time jobs, moonlighting, housecleaning, cooking, and child rearing all contribute to over-stressed, anxiety-ridden people. Don’t be among them. Treat yourself to this one day of relaxing on August 15th.


Turn Off the Electronics

A perfect way to begin this celebration of relaxing is to turn off all the electronics used on a daily basis. Turn off your cell phone. Stay away from computers and tablets. Start the day by enjoying some bona fide peace and quiet. It’s not possible if electronics are constantly beeping, buzzing, or vibrating on a table, even when the volume is turned off.

Consider hiring someone to do the housecleaning for the day and think about eating a restaurant meal. If the weather permits, head outside. There’s nothing quite like nature to inspire true relaxation.

A day spent at the beach, hiking in the hills, kayaking on a stream or lake, or lounging in the backyard with a good book are all excellent ways to celebrate and relax.


Relaxation Day — Ways to Celebrate at the beach


Promote Relaxation Day

If you can’t devote your entire day to relaxing, you can make some decisions that allow a bit more relaxation on August 15th. Even if you have to go to work, consider treating yourself to a maid service so no housecleaning awaits you when you get home. Plan to meet family members or friends at a restaurant when you get out of work. Gather the entire family together after dinner for a leisurely stroll or a bike ride around town.

Talk about Relaxation Day ahead of August 15th and encourage your co-workers, family members and friends to do something special for themselves, too. Even if they can’t take the day off from work, they can choose to enjoy a bit of down time afterwards.


Relaxing at Work

Even if you’re stuck at the office on Relaxation Day, you can be mindful of the day and vow to deliberately not do a few things. You can make sure not to work late. You can refrain from working through your lunch hour. Take that coffee break you often forego in an effort to get more work done. Encourage those around you to do the same. They might not realize that August 15 is designed to be a bit more stress-free.


Relaxation Day — Ways to Celebrate at work

Relaxation Day Activities

In case you still haven’t quite caught on, the following is a list of additional activities to enjoy on Relaxation Day.

  • Go fishing
  • Take a drive down a winding country road
  • Stop at a roadside stand and buy fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Eat lunch with a friend
  • Go swimming at a nearby lake or swimming pool
  • Sip a favorite cocktail after work with a friend
  • Get in a round of golf
  • See that movie you’ve talked about going to see


Promotes Good Health

Even though the August 15th holiday originated with a reference to slackers or slacking off, it’s actually good for your health to relax. We live in a society that is on edge. Too often we fill our calendars with so many activities and obligations in addition to work, meal preparation, and housecleaning that we neglect the good health of our bodies and our minds.

Human beings are wired to endure a lot, but like finely tuned machines, if we don’t allow for some time to relax, we won’t function properly. It’s imperative to schedule relaxation into our busy schedules. We benefit from it; as do those we love. So go fishing or take a swim!

Yes, sometimes relaxing is difficult. Surely you can manage to do so one day per year—don’t you think? Choose one or more of the aforementioned activities and cut down on the day-to-day responsibilities just for this one day. You may discover it’s exactly what you need.

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