We all know the feeling. You’ve just recovered from Thanksgiving when the hectic holiday season arrives. All you wonderful hosts out there are wondering the same questions: How do I make sure everyone has a great time? Will I have to spend hours on house cleaning, making sure everything is spotless days in advance? Will there be enough time to finish every dish, and then the energy to wash them again right after everyone is gone? It could be tempting to give in to the stress and decide to not even bother with cleaning. It is family after all…they won’t mind a “homey” feeling will they? Stay strong. Holiday house cleaning is definitely worth it and hiring a professional cleaning service can save you the trouble. Say goodbye to the hassle and simply enjoy the company of your friends and family in your beautiful and impressive home. Follow these 3 tips to make sure your house is prepared for the season and happy holidays!


3 Ways to Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays


1. Make the holidays an opportunity

Holiday house cleaning is a must. So grab this chance by the reigns and get everything you can out of it. The weeks in between each day of festivities are the best time of the year to update your home. Pull out those old plates, get rid of that aging rug, and take a good look at those old cushions. It doesn’t matter if you make a mess to make way for a few new appealing accommodations. Have your professional cleaning service come in and take care of it for you. You know what’s best for your home. Your guests are sure to be impressed.


2. Clean up those guest rooms!

Your friends will be delighted with a hotel-room experience! Maybe it’s just Uncle Jerry staying for one night, or your friends and their kids for the whole week, but one thing is sure: You are going to have lots of company and you want to be ready. Take a look at your guest rooms. Make sure the blankets are clean and the pillows are fluffed! To provide the best experience you want to treat your guests like royalty. Are there clean towels? An extra bathrobe is a nice touch. A clean guest closet is a must. And you certainly don’t want to be finding any dust bunnies or old slippers under the bed. Call a professional house cleaning service before company arrives so there’s no doubt in your mind that your friends will have a great stay!


3. Don’t forget those “out-of-place” areas

Is your garage junk-free? How about the porch or patio? Can you open up the fireplace for an inviting, warm blaze without inviting clouds of ash into your living room as well? It can be easy to miss some of these areas on a standard house cleaning checklist. However, it’s very important during the holidays to make sure these areas get full attention, just like the rest of your home. It’s as good as guaranteed somebody is going to see them with so much company.

Remember, the holidays are for your enjoyment! A professional house cleaning service can take care of any pesky dusting, scrubbing or washing to make sure your home is spic and span for the season.

Let us take care of all your house cleaning needs so you can keep your preparations stress-free and have a marvelous time with your friends and family!

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