You’ve showered and your body is as clean as can be. Don’t ruin your clean with a dirty towel!  You also shouldn’t trade that delicious feeling of wrapping up in a fluffy towel for the disappointment of a coarse, scratchy towel. Use our tips on how to get soft and clean towels to optimize your towel experience and treat your body well.


How to Clean Towels


How to Clean Towels

You probably don’t need help doing this part! Just put the towels in the laundry with like colors. You can use laundry detergent and even supplement your detergent with bleach or vinegar (but definitely not both! that combination causes a nasty chemical reaction). Let the towels go through a full cycle.

Drying is probably a pretty familiar chore, too: you just throw towels in the dryer. However, there are other options! Don’t forget you can use an indoor drying rack or a clothesline to save energy and help the environment.


Improve Your Laundry

So, maybe you know the towel-cleaning basics. But here are a few tips you might not have known:

  • Always use the recommended detergent dosage. Extra detergent doesn’t get towels cleaner, but actually gets them dirtier! Too much detergent leaves behind a residue that will potentially leave your towels smelly and grimy.
  • The smell? It might be coming from bacteria! Extra detergent can also contribute to bacteria growth as well as coarsen your towels.
  • Skip the fabric softener every third or fourth load. Fabric softener can inhibit the towel’s absorption. Fabric softener coats the fibers of the towels, meaning it’s harder for them to absorb water like they’re meant to.
  • Vinegar can help with fading color.


Prevent Odors, Mold, and Mildew

All these things are caused by moisture! Towels are made for soaking up water, but that doesn’t mean they should always be wet. After each use, the towel should be hung up to dry or placed in the laundry. Don’t let wet towels lie in a crumpled heap, or place one wet towel on top of another. Moisture will stick around, and odor or even mold could eventually follow. Clean towels are essential, but more importantly, keep smelling fresh!


How to Remove Odors

So maybe you got in a hurry one morning and left the towel on the floor. When you get home that evening, it smells. Removing this odor is easy. Simply wash the towel with hot water, 1/2 cup of baking soda, and 1 cup of vinegar. The vinegar will dissolve mineral deposits and the baking soda is a natural odor neutralizer. Dry your towel thoroughly and enjoy its renewed fresh scent.


Remove Lint from Towels

If you’re drying off your clean body with a towel, the last thing you want is to get lint all over you. If your towels come out of the dryer linty, throw them back in for a few minutes with a dryer sheet. The dryer sheet will loosen the lint from the towels and they’ll come out lint-free.


Clean Towels for Your Clean Body!

Don’t let your towels undo your shower. Use these tips to ensure you’re always drying off with a soft, fluffy, and clean towel. It’s a small thing you can to do make everyday life a little nicer and more luxurious.