2014 is upon us and we all make resolutions about improving our lives at this time of year. Some of these we stick to and some we just can’t seem to hold onto. But one of the easiest goals you can achieve this year is to have a cleaner, healthier home. And if you hire a professional maid service, your goal will be easily accomplished.


4 Ways a Maid Can Simplify Your Life using a professional maid service


Consider the four ways that hiring a professional maid service can simplify and improve your life in the coming year:


Clean House

This may seem obvious, but there’s more to it than that. Our busy lives often leave us with little time to tidy up so your house is likely not getting the deep cleaning it needs to keep you dust, mold and bacteria-free. A truly clean home will keep you happier. There’s no stress when unexpected visitors drop by because you know your space is clean. And when flu season ramps up in the coming weeks, knowing your bathrooms and kitchen are properly sanitized by a pro will give you peace of mind that you’re germ-free and you and your loved ones are in a healthier home.


Fewer Things to Buy

A professional maid service brings their own equipment and cleaning supplies so you won’t have to remember to buy Windex, wipes and Pledge when you’re making a grocery run. And if your vacuum cleaner is a clunker, you’ve got no worries, because the professionals bring their own tools – including broom, mop, vacuum, bucket and cleaning cloths and towels. Money saved on cleaning supplies, paper towels and vacuum cleaner bags can help defray the cost of hiring a maid to take on the dirty work for you – in addition to all the other benefits.


More Free Time

It’s hard to relax when you know you’ve got chores piling up. But if you have a professional maid service scheduled for weekly cleanings, you have peace of mind that someone is taking care of the dusting and cleaning for you. After a long day at work, taking care of your children or whatever else day-to-day life keeps you busy with, being able to put up your feet, watch a TV show, cook a nice dinner or just relax with family is precious time. There’s no reason to spend time scrubbing toilets and washing baseboards when you could be doing something you’d enjoy more.


More Time for Your Home

Think of all of the projects you put off because you’re too busy with the maintenance tasks like cleaning showers and bathtubs. With every day chores off of your to-do list, you can dig in and take care of other things you’ve always meant to do. Whether it’s finally organizing your garage, basement or attic, repainting your bedroom or getting your garden growing, hiring a maid service can help you improve your home by freeing up a big chunk of your time. All of this translates to more satisfaction with your home and life.

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