If you are looking to hire extra help around the house, you might be considering a solo house cleaner or a subcontracted cleaner. However, there are many, many reasons why this is not your best bet. Refresh yourself on our first publication about this topic, then continue with these additional reasons why an established house cleaning company clearly trumps the independent house cleaner.

More Reasons to Hire an Established Cleaning Company

1. Established Cleaners Have Been Around  Longer

The longevity of a business matters. A company that has been around 10 years or more is going to have experienced it all. They will know how to handle every situation properly and safely because they’ve seen it all before. Look for a company with experience so you know they can solve any unexpected problems that pop up.

2. Flexibility

Once an independent house cleaner makes a commitment, that time is taken up and unavailable. With a company that has multiple cleaning crews, this problem doesn’t exist! Companies will be more flexible and able to match your individual schedule.

3. Higher Quality

An independent house cleaner is not held accountable to anyone other than the customer. If they don’t care about customer satisfaction and just look for one-time jobs, then there is no guarantee that the work will be done well at all. An established cleaning company has a reputation to uphold and every employee is a part of that. Therefore, every job is of high quality and professional.

4. Guarantee

If a solo cleaner doesn’t clean to your satisfaction, will they fix their error? How do you know? An established company knows the only kind of future customer is a happy customer. Only consider a company that believes their work is not over until you have received the best experience possible for your dollar.

5. Protection from Accidents

Established companies will have professional licensure, insurance, and bonding. This protects all parties involved, the cleaners and the clients. It is very unlikely for an individual cleaner to have any of these things.

6. Safety

Hiring an independent cleaner off Craigslist or in a similar fashion can also be risky from a safety standpoint. You have very little information about the person that is entering your home. An unscrupulous person posing as a house cleaner could steal valuables or even cause harm to you or your family and you would have no way of tracking them down. This situation is an impossibility with an established, well-known, and bonded company.

An Established House Cleaning Company is Better

As you can see, an established house cleaning company is the obvious choice for homeowners looking for help with cleaning. Maids by Trade has been in business in Portland for almost twenty years and we are proud to use eco-friendly products and the EcoPink System. Request your cleaning estimate to get started.