How to Clean a Toilet. clean toiletThere’s no reason to introduce the toilet and why it needs to be cleaned. A clean toilet is necessary to a healthy and sanitized bathroom. Here is an outline for basic toilet cleaning.


Before cleaning put on a pair of rubber gloves to protect your skin. Spray a sanitizing or all-purpose cleaner on the inside and outside of the lid, seat, and bowl. Apply a toilet bowl cleaning product under the rim of the bowl. Vigorously scrub the bowl with a toilet brush. Next wipe down the inside and outside of the lid and seat with a disinfecting wipe. Flush and let the water rinse the cleaning product away.


Cleaning the seat is a quick process and can be done as needed/more frequently than all-over cleaning. The best way to remove germs, as mentioned before, is a sanitizing wipe. Just completely wipe the seat, lifting it up to get both sides. Let air dry when finished.


We’ll repeat one last time how it’s a good idea to always wear gloves while using cleaning products. Once your hands are protected, make a diluted bleach solution (if you used half a cup of bleach, dilute with about a gallon of water). Douse a sponge in the bleach and water mixture and begin to scrub the bottom of the toilet. Dry with a clean towel.


Sanitizing wipes are great here, too. Wipe down the top and under the handle to kill any lingering germs. You can also spray diluted bleach on the handles if you do not want to use disinfecting wipes. Wipe down afterwards with a clean rag.

Removing Stains

Use a 12 oz. can of Coke or another similar soda. Pour the soda around the rim, letting the Coke flow over the stains and evenly coat the bowl. Let the Coke sit for at least an hour. Don’t use the toilet during this time. After an hour, flush. Repeat the process if needed.

Clean Toilet, Just Like That!

You should clean your toilet weekly to keep your bathroom healthy and sanitized. If you can’t make the time (or you think it’s just too gross!), have a local house cleaning service take of this chore for you.