You’ve hired a professional cleaning service and are looking forward to having a spotless living area while saving yourself some time. No more worrying about dust on the shelves or cobwebs in ceiling corners. It’s definitely a relief to pass off the bulk of the cleaning chores to someone else. However, you can do a few things to make your house cleaners’ job a little easier and to save yourself some money. Here are some dos and don’t for everyone using a cleaning service.


Dos and Dont's of Having a Maid Service


DO de-clutter your home before calling a professional cleaning service. It will save you money

You’re hiring cleaners to make your home pristine. That means the floors, the windows, and other surfaces. Make sure those surfaces are accessible for house cleaning. Move books off of the table and back to the shelf. If your have kids, make sure their toys are off of the floor and out of the way. Your house cleaning service is happy to move these items for you but the cleaning will take longer and they will have to charge you extra. Try in the living room.


DO finish dishes and laundry before house cleaners arrive

Similar idea here. Get those dirty plates into the dishwasher and clothes into the closet. This makes the process of scrubbing out the sink and vacuuming your carpet much easier. Your house cleaning service will appreciate it.

As a general rule, remember to think of your home as your cleaners’ work space. Do your best to keep pets and people out of the way during cleaning. You’ll get the best house cleaning results this way and it will save you money.


DO expect your house cleaning service to clean up the mess, but it will cost a bit more

Cleaning services make their money by fixing messes. They are happy to make your home spic and span. Excess of clutter, extra soiled surfaces and other extra clean-up will require more time. If you want to get everything off your mind and have someone else take care of it, talk to your house cleaning service about it. They will give you a reasonable quote and you can save time and concentrate on your life.


DO tip your professional cleaning service crew

This is not necessary, but definitely appreciated. A tip can be money, but also a card or note, or a handmade food item. There are lots of ways to say “thank you!”


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