Old Maid Day is a worldwide celebration in early June that touts the independent, unmarried life many women these days have come to enjoy. Long celebrated in June, Old Maid Day once brought together single men and women who lamented their single status. A dance was held in hopes they’d meet the life partner of their dreams.


Old Maid Day Touts Independence for Modern Women


Touting Independence for Modern Women

As early as the 1930s, Old Maid Day was a fledgling celebration. Being an old maid or spinster was considered depressing back then. It was very much an unwanted status. Even if you liked the fact that you were an old maid, it was deemed completely inappropriate to admit that out loud to anyone.

Old Maid Day became official in 1948, with a proclamation by General William A. March in a Norristown, Pennsylvania newspaper. People were encouraged to take a spinster friend or relative out to dinner or lunch on that day, to celebrate (or take pity upon) their lack of marital status.


Old Maid Day Today

These days, Old Maid Day is something completely different. It signifies the independence of women who embrace their single status. It is a day—sometimes even an entire month—of celebration that includes gathering together with like-minded women and sharing their excitement over the freedoms they enjoy.

Some of the silly celebration rituals of Old Maid Day are still intact, however. These include drinking Old Maid cocktails. Celebrants might even eat Old Maid cake. They almost always play the Old Maid card game.



Well beyond the traditions of Old Maid Day are those aforementioned freedoms that single modern women enjoy. Being single means there’s time to pursue hobbies, sports, and career choices that those with life mates aren’t as likely to pursue and enjoy.

Women who embrace Old Maid Day often choose to hire a maid service for their housecleaning needs—freeing up even more time for the things they enjoy.


Modern Day “Old Maids” Often Live Environmentally Sound Lives

Modern day single women, or new age “old maids,” typically live environmentally sound lives. They are good stewards of the earth. This means when they seek a maid service they appreciate those using green products—those approved by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). They often drive cars that are the least harmful to the environment, and they often forego driving when a bicycle or walking can get them to their destination instead.

Some even celebrate Old Maid Day by running road races, the proceeds from which benefit environmental nonprofits.



What’s your take on Old Maid Day? Would you have wanted to celebrate the way women did in the 1930s or are you far more on board with the way they celebrate the June holiday these days?

There’s certainly no shame in being a single woman these days. And while online dating sites are available for those who want to find a mate, gathering together at a dance to choose a mate from a pool of shamed single people sounds a bit barbaric—don’t you think? 


Celebrate, Single Ladies!

Even if you missed Old Maid Day on June 4th, single ladies should still celebrate their chosen status.

Dance like there’s no tomorrow. Treat yourself to the expensive boots because you have no one to spend your money on but yourself. Hire the maid service to clean your home and spend your time doing the things you love to do instead of scrubbing floors and washing windows. Take pride in being single. Revel in the independence your single status allows.

There’s actually a twofold benefit to celebrating Old Maid Day

  1. You will embrace the lifestyle and feel even more proud of yourself for living as a single lady.
  1. Your independence will put you directly in the path of the perfect partner with whom to share your life—but only if you’re truly interested.

That maid service is a great idea either way, however. You’ll definitely appreciate the freedom it entails, regardless of your relationship status.