On July 26, 1990, President George H. W. Bush signed the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). It gave more than 50 million Americans protection from discrimination in employment. Also it gave better access to goods, services and communications.  So on July 26 each year, we celebrate Disability Independence Day!

Equality, freedom, and opportunity are three words that every disabled American now possesses thanks to the Americans with Disabilities Act. We celebrate this Independence Day because now all Americans are treated equal in the United States of America.  To empower those people with disabilities we celebrate the progress of this great country. We look for ways that technology and society will further do this.


National Disability Independence Day


Celebrating Disability Independence Day

People are afflicted with many different types of disabilities.  You may not even be able to tell by looking at someone if they have a disability or not.  Many American people suffer from disabilities ranging from mental to physical.  On National Disability Independence Day, we all celebrate by being thankful for equal opportunities for everyone.  Everyone can celebrate even if you do not have a disability or know anyone that has a disability.

Feel free to bring a cake, cookies, or a fruit plate to work.  Take a group lunch to celebrate. Educate other coworkers on the importance of this day by sending out a group email. That is a good way to let everyone knows to celebrate this notable occasion.

Each day that we wake up, we should be thankful for the opportunity we have to live and breathe.  Celebrating life is also a part of Disability Independence Day.    There are endless ways to celebrate life.  Spend time outside and enjoy the warmth of the sunshine.  Enjoy the company of friends or loved ones.




Helping the Disabled

We tend to take for granted simple tasks such as mowing the yard or cleaning the house. Depending their disability, a person may not be able to take care of those things. They may require the use of a lawn or maid service to take care of those tasks.  This is just one example of the importance of help such as maid services.  The friendly faces show up periodically and take care of the tasks that the disabled are unable to.

A clean house is something that all Americans should be able to enjoy. If you know someone with a disability that may not be able to afford a maid service, this would be a great time to honor our disabled American citizens on Independence Day!  Consider giving a gift certificate or even coming in and helping clean their homes or take care of another task they might struggle with.


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