How to Clean a Bathroom for the Disabled - disabled bathroomAll bathrooms need to be clean and sanitized, but this is perhaps especially true for bathrooms designed for disability access. The people using these bathrooms have more or different parts of their body coming in contact with the surfaces of the bathroom. Additionally, some people using a disabled bathroom may be more susceptible to disease, e.g. the elderly. Learn about the home care involved with keeping the special features of a disabled bathroom clean and germ-free.

Shower Chairs/Benches

If possible, don’t store the chair or bench in the shower. The damp environment will make scum and bacteria build-up likely. After each use, put the chair or bench on a towel outside the shower to dry.

If the bench does get dirty, how should you clean it? If possible, just wash it down with warm soapy water and a cloth or sponge. However, some plastic surfaces are difficult to clean because they are heavily textured. If this is the case with your bench, you can try specialty store-bought products for tough stains or a power washer to blast off the grime without the use of chemicals.

To avoid these more intensive cleanings, get in the habit of rinsing off or quickly cleaning the bench after each use.

Safety Rails

Spray a disinfectant or use a disinfecting wipe to clean the safety rails (vinegar is a natural option). Ensure the rails have dried by the time they’re needed. To keep up with cleaning a bathroom for the disabled, assess the traffic the bathroom receives and decide on a cleaning frequency.

Toilet Seats

Pour a small amount of bleach into the bowl. Scrub the bowl with a long-handled toilet brush, making sure to get under the rim. Flush the toilet. Spray a disinfectant over the toilet and wipe down. Don’t forget to get under the seat.


You can spray the floor with an all-purpose cleaner or a disinfectant and then use a long-handled mop or hand scrub to clean the floor. Start from the back of the room and move to the exit.

Disabled Bathroom — Accessible and Clean

Whether you are a disabled or elderly person or a home care provider, you can use these tips to improve the health and safety of a bathroom with disability access. Don’t forget that maid services can also help with this and many other chores. If you want help keeping your home sparkling clean, call your local maid service today.