In August of each year, we celebrate Assistance Dog Day!  Have you heard the phrase “Work like a Dog?”  It means that someone is working very hard.  The comparison is made to a dog because our canine friends are very hard workers, especially those trained for hunting, competition, and assisting the disabled.

The assistance dogs of the world deserve recognition for their heroic efforts.  An assistance dog will improve the quality of life for thousands of people that live with a disability or illness.  These four-legged furry companions work around the clock and get no breaks from their very important jobs.


National Assistance Dog Day


Importance of an Assistance Dog

There are many different types of assistance dogs.  There are some trained to be guide dogs for the blind, hearing alert dogs for the hearing impaired, and medical alert dogs that recognize the signs of heart attacks, strokes, seizures, panic attacks, and epilepsy.  People put their lives in the paws of these dogs each and every day.  Their life depends on how hard that assistance dog works!

These specially trained dogs are completely and selflessly devoted and dedicated to their humans.  Assistance Dog Day is meant to celebrate that selfless love and devotion.  The day also celebrates their trainers who work hard to pick out the right dog for the job and train them to be life savers.  Training can take months to years to complete depending on the dog and what the dog is being trained to do.

An assistance dog can be a variety of breeds from Labrador retrievers, Golden Retrievers, Standard Poodles, and even mixed breed dogs from the shelter.  As long as they have the right demeanor and dedication, they fit the bill to become an assistance dog.


Celebrating Assistance Dog Day

There are many ways to celebrate on this important day.  Lots of training facilities, pet stores, and shelters will have events or parades for the public.  They will offer information on the trained dogs and give demonstrations of their amazing abilities.  Shelters will often give discounts on adoptions to celebrate Assistance Dog Day.  The best way to celebrate is to attend one of these events and donate to the great cause.  Many people with disabilities cannot afford an assistance dog on their own.  Their training is very expensive.  You can make a difference with your donation.  If you can’t make it to an event, hop online and make your donation there!


National Assistance Dog Day full of celebration


Cleaning up after Dogs

Dogs are great companions to the disabled.  They become members of the family.  In fact, dogs are great for everyone!  Owning a dog is said to increase your lifespan!  They do require a little cleanup though when they live inside your house.  The hair and dander left by our canine friends is the biggest offender when it comes to pets and house cleaning.  Even assistance dogs shed year round and leave dog hair all around the house. All that dog hair can wreak havoc on your allergies as well.  Here are a few tips for managing all that dog hair.

Groom your dog often.  Each day run a brush through your dog’s hair.  Once a week, bathe and brush your dog fully.  If you can afford it, get your dog professionally groomed once every one to two months.

Vacuum your carpet several times per week.  Invest in a high quality vacuum with a high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter specifically geared towards pet owners.  On hard floors, use an electrostatic mop.  Vacuum your upholstery with the hand tool on your vacuum cleaner.  For a quick fix before company, use a lint roller.

If you have a maid that cleans your house, consider hiring a maid service that has experience with pet hair.  These maids will have all of the tools required for getting rid of the hair, dander, and dust that come along with our furry friends.  Cleaning up after your dog (assistance dog or not) is essential to the health and safety of both you and your canine family member. Read How to Clean Up After Dogs.