Handling the move out cleaning of your old Tucson apartment is probably the last thing on your mind.  All you want to do is move into your new place!  Who cares about the old place?  Except that you really want that deposit back.  That wad of cash will go a long way in decorating your new pad!  So it must be done; get that move out cleaning over with so you can go enjoy everything else Tucson has to offer!  Turn on your favorite playlist, get in some comfy clothing, and let’s do this.  Follow these guidelines and you’ll have that deposit back in no time!  If you just don’t have the time to do your own move out cleaning, hire a maid service to come in and do the dirty work.  It’ll likely cost much less than your deposit, and it is just the right thing to do.  You wouldn’t want to move into a dirty apartment and neither will the next tenant.


Move Out Cleaning Tucson—Get Your Deposit Back


Bathroom Move Out Cleaning

Remove any soap scum that is present in the tub/shower or sinks.  No one wants to move into their new Tucson apartment and have the old tenant’s soap scum!  Make sure to clean out any vanity drawers and cabinets of all of your personal belongings.  Give the drawers and cabinets a good wipe down as we all know that hair and dirt seem to find their way into these spaces.  Wipe down the mirror.  Lastly don’t forget the toilet!  If the toilet seat has seen better days, consider a replacement.  Toilet seats are inexpensive and make a huge difference.  Your landlord will appreciate this part of your move out cleaning.


image of an empty, clean bedroom


Kitchen Move Out Cleaning

Clean out the cabinets, refrigerator, and pantry of all your personal belongings and food as part of your move out cleaning.  The electricity might be turned off after you move out so any food left behind will quickly undo all the work you’ve just put into the space.  Ensure the refrigerator, sink, and countertops are sparkling clean and disinfected.  Scrub the oven and microwave thoroughly.  Steel wool can be a lifesaver for those stuck on stains in your oven and drip pans.


General Move Out Cleaning

Remove all of your personal belongings and trash.  Many people don’t think of this as part of move out cleaning, but you cannot leave behind items just because you don’t want them anymore…unless you don’t want that deposit back! Take the time to dispose or donate any items you no longer want.  There are plenty of donation locations in Tucson.  Dust everything from countertops to ceiling fixtures and window ledges.  Clean walls, baseboards, and windows.  Try to remember all the little things too like light switches and outlets.  Living in Tucson means that you have extra dust to deal with.  Make sure it is all gone.

Take out any nails or screws you put into the walls.  Use putty to cover the holes and touch up the paint afterwards.  Raise all window blinds so they don’t collect dust in case the apartment sits vacant for a while.  Plus, this will also allow all of that bright Tucson sun in for the next tenant.


image of an empty, clean apartment


The last thing you need to do is vacuum and mop the floors in the whole apartment.  Saving this chore to the end ensures you only have to do it once.  Start from the corner furthest from the front door and work your way to the door.  Just make sure you have everything out (including your car keys) so you can mop your way to the front door and leave for good!  Don’t forget to lock up behind you.  Vacant properties have been known to be vandalism targets.  Does this sound like way too much to deal with?  Call a local Tucson maid service to take care of all that move out cleaning for you.  The maid service will deal with everything for a small fee and will help guarantee you get your deposit back.

Schedule a time with your landlord to come by and perform the final inspection.  If at all possible, try to be there so you know exactly what your landlord sees.  You also might be able to collect that deposit money right there!  Now that all of your move out cleaning is complete, you can go on to enjoy your new Tucson apartment.  Let’s just hope that it is as clean as the one you just left!

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