Meet Celia


Celia R., business owner.

Get to know Celia Rivera, a dedicated mom, entrepreneur at heart and business owner of Maids by Trade!

About Celia

A Tucsonian at heart! Celia loves living in the wonderful city of Tuscon Arizona because it is truly a place of beauty, great history, and where she has built her business. She feels it is a tranquil city with generous people and a great place for families to live.

She is both an entrepreneur who has had several successful businesses and is a mother to two sons. Her sons are her strength and her reason to stay optimistic. Celia tries to raise her sons by setting an example that the way to get ahead in life is to excel and be the best by doing your best. She lives her life to the fullest whether at work or at play.

When she’s not busying working or caring for her children, Celia makes time for her hobbies. She loves writing reflective essays and articles about improvement or self-help. She finds pleasure in reading, writing, enjoys art and painting and of course, cleaning. She knows the importance of using green products in her clients’ homes and she’s adamant about sticking to more environmentally friendly options.

Celia likes to travel; exploring the state of Arizona with her family as well as other neighboring states. Giving back to her community is something that she values highly. Celia also regularly volunteers and helps to feed the homeless. She loves supporting the missionaries and has recently discovered a new love, riding on the back of a motorcycle! She has an infectious smile and her favorite colors are black, and purple of course!

Business owner and her two kids

Rey & Leo (Celia’s sons)

Celia and Tucson

Celia loves this city! Some of her favorite places to go are the Sabino Canyon and Mount Lemmon. The former is a relaxing place to walk and the latter has spectacular scenery that can be enjoyed any time of the year. Celia also likes the variety of the museums here. Her favorites are the International Wildlife Museumand and the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. Other cultural events and traditions Celia enjoys are the International Show of Gems and the Rodeo Cowboy Celebration.

Not only does Celia appreciate Tuscon’s culture and fine cuisine but she also loves its climate and atmosphere. It’s a desert paradise! Celia feels a connection to the landscape and is fond of the prickly pear and other desert flora. She enjoys snapping pictures of the landscape and sharing it with family and friends.

Why She Loves Cleaning

Celia likes the house cleaning business because that’s how she spreads happiness! She gets deep satisfaction from being able to give a client a clean home that they’re enthusiastic about. Celia saw a need for not a just good enough or even a better cleaning service, but the best. As a business owner Celia doesn’t ask her employees to anything that she herself wouldn’t do. The standards she sets aren’t any different then what she expects of herself. She believes in giving back to the community, protecting the environment, and providing honest service.

Serving Our Community

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