Sahuarita AZ is an up and coming city near Tucson.  Like most Arizona residents, the people in Sahuarita enjoy outdoor activities such as biking, rollerblading, and swimming.  Because we are all busy people, all of that outdoor gear ends up cluttered in the garage.  Garages often get overlooked as they are not a main living area of the house, but they require cleaning too.  These garages become so disorganized and messy that our cars don’t even fit anymore!  A Sahuarita house cleaning guideline should include a periodic organization of the garage.  As we enter the hot summer months, it is a great opportunity for this Tucson suburb to clean out that garage!

Sahuarita Garage Cleaning Guidelines

Cleaning Your Garage in SahuaritaFirst, you need to decide what garage is going to be used for.  While most garages are for storage and vehicle shelter, some people choose to use the space as an extension of their house.  Some garages are converted into craft rooms, man caves, and play rooms.  The use of the space will greatly determine how you organize your garage.  The majority of Sahuarita homeowners use their garage separate from the rest of the home, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be.  Add some insulation and an air conditioner to help with the Tucson heat, and your garage possibilities are endless.

For those cluttered garage spaces, the next step in the house cleaning guideline for a garage is to just take everything out of the room.  It is best to work with a clean slate when reorganizing a cluttered mess.  Drag everything out into the driveway.  Start three piles: keep, donate or sale, and throw away.  Only keep the items that you know you will use.  Throw away items that are not safe or over-used.  Consider having a yard sale or donating the rest to a local charity in Sahuarita.

In order to get the most out of your garage, you need to get creative.  Use as much vertical and ceiling space as possible.  Utilize hooks to hang as much as you can on the walls and from the ceiling.  Bikes are great candidates for ceiling hanging.  Group all like items together and keep them stored in the same location.

Sahuarita Garage Safety Concerns

House cleaning guidelines suggests to include safety considerations for the garage.  Many Sahuarita homeowners store chemicals in their garages.  Pesticides, paint, and auto fluids are just a few examples.  Ensure that all chemicals stored in the garage are compatible with the Sahuarita heat levels.  Maintain original containers for all chemicals and if possible keep them on a high shelf or in a locked cabinet.  Seemingly innocent chemicals such as antifreeze are highly poisonous to pets, and all chemicals can be dangerous to children.  Wipe up any spills immediately.

Experts recommend gardening tools be stored vertically on the wall to avoid tripping hazards and accidents.  Ladders however should be stored horizontally either at floor level or on wall hooks.  Ladders stored vertically are a safety concern because they are unstable and could easily be knocked over.

Here is another tip from the experts: vehicles parked in the garage need adequate space.  Pull the vehicle into the garage and open up all doors so that you can mark how much space is left for storage.  You’ll need ample space for entering and exiting the vehicle safely each day.

Newly Organized Garage

Now that you have completed the cleaning of your garage, you need to upkeep the space.  Hopefully all of your hard work and organization skills will make upkeep an easy task.  Remember to always put items back in their designated location each time after use.  Take the time to clean or wipe down the item before putting it back into storage.  It would be a shame to spread grass clippings from the lawn mower all over your newly cleaned garage.  Sweep out the entire garage once a week to keep the dirt levels down.  Now all that is left is to enjoy your garage space. You could invite your Sahuarita neighbors over to check it out.  Who knew a garage could have so much to offer?