They are members of our family.  We lovingly refer to them as our “kids.” They provide hours of entertainment and love.  They are our dogs!  And they make messes (just like our real kids!) House Cleaning in Green Valley is almost always going to include cleaning up after pets.  Many families in this Tucson Arizona suburb enjoy the company of pets.  With so much outdoor activity in the Tucson Arizona area, it would be crazy not to have one or two or even three!  Dogs are great companions, but there are a few cleaning challenges that come along with Fido and his friends.  Have you ever had a houseguest stand up after sitting on your couch and notice their rear end is covered in your dog’s hair?  How embarrassing!  Or even worse, have you unlocked the door to your house after a long day at work only to be greeted by the smell of a dog kennel?  Welcome Home! The good news is that we have a few tips for managing Fido’s mess.  These tips will come in quite handy in your Green Valley house cleaning.   


House Cleaning with Canines in Green Valley AZ


Green Valley House Cleaning and Dog Hair

The hair and dander left by our canine friends is the biggest offender when it comes to pets and house cleaning, especially in Green Valley.  Dogs shed year round, particularly in the warm climates of Tucson Arizona and the surrounding areas.  Some people mistakenly believe that short haired dogs do not shed.  You’ve been lied to!  Oftentimes short hair dogs shed worse than their longer hair companions.  All that dog hair can wreak havoc on your allergies as well.  Here are a few tips for managing all that dog hair.

  1. Groom often. Each day run a brush through your dog’s hair (outside is preferable – the weather in Green Valley typically allows for this). Once a week, bathe and brush your dog fully.  If you can afford it, get your dog professionally groomed once every one to two months.  Set aside money for pet grooming as part of your house cleaning budget.
  1. Vacuum several times per week. Invest in a high quality vacuum with a high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter specifically geared towards pet owners. On hard floors, use an electrostatic mop.  Vacuum upholstery with the hand tool on your vacuum cleaner.  For a quick fix before company, use a lint roller.
  1. Dedicate an area of your home to Rover. Consider using a dog bed instead of allowing dogs on the furniture. If you are going to use your couch as a dog area, place a sheet or blanket over the spot the dog will be lounging.  This makes cleanup a breeze as all you have to do is throw the blanket in the wash.  Wherever you choose to make your dog’s bed, make sure it is washable!  And wash it often.
  1. Use a tape lint roller. There are few things more embarrassing than showing up on a blind date out in a local Green Valley restaurant with your black dress or pants covered in white dog hair. If you have a dog that sheds, use a tape lint roller on your clothing right before you leave the house. Hang a few of these tools around the house so they are always at hand.  Who knew clothing hair removal was part of your regular house cleaning duties?


Canines in Green Valley AZ


General Doggie Cleanup

Occasionally dogs have accidents in the house, especially if you have a puppy going through house training.  When this happens, clean it up quickly!  Urine will soak through the carpet of your Green Valley home and get into the carpet pad which you cannot clean.  Use heavy duty carpet cleaner or a disinfectant and let it soak for a bit before scrubbing.  At least twice a year, have your carpets professionally cleaned or rent a carpet scrubber as part of your house cleaning.  There are likely messes you can’t see lurking in your carpet.

Most residents of Green Valley spend lots of time outdoors with their dogs.  Walking, jogging, hiking, and playing Frisbee are some of the popular activities.  Clean off their paws before coming back inside the home.  This will reduce the amount of house cleaning on your list later on.  Keep their toe nails trimmed down to protect your wood floors.


How to Clean Up After Dogs


House cleaning with a canine roommate in Green Valley can be challenging, but it is worth it.  Find even more information at How to Clean Up After Dogs.  There is a lot of technology and products out there specially designed for cleaning up after your pooch!  Take advantage of it to make your life a little easier.