View out of the front gate of a Palo Verde home in TucsonIf you live in the Palo Verde neighborhood of Tucson, then you know how easy dust gets into the house. After all, hey, we’ve got dirt sidewalks, right? And the winter rains wash dirt and gravel right into the road where cars grind it to dust that ends up where? Right! In your house. Now, as Tucson residents here in our beautiful Palo Verde neighborhood, we know there’s nothing we can do about that. We love our rain and it’s worth it to smell that great desert “smell of rain” from the creosote bushes planted around our neighborhood. The summer monsoons will be here before we know it, bringing fresh, clean water and cool air to our desert.

Often times, the approach of summer brings with it the need to clean the house well in preparation for the heat that will keep many of us indoors during the day. And who wants to see all those dust bunnies hopping across the floor like rabbits in our desert? Yes, those Saltillo tile floors look great, but they’re a whole different critter in the world of clean. I bet the houses in the Palo Verde neighborhood that have carpet can be counted on one hand. Carpet traps the heat in the house, so concrete or tile floors are the norm. The thing with that is you can’t just run a vacuum over them and hope they’re clean. They’ve got to be mopped, too.

Dining room setting with Saltillo tile floorsMany people in Tucson these days are asking themselves, “What about a house cleaning service?” Why? Because it’s often quicker and more efficient to have a professional house cleaner come in and get it done than spending a day doing it yourself. That’s not saying people can’t clean their own houses. It’s saying that there are times when it just feels great to come home to a house professionally cleaned. It’s like everyone can wash their own hair, but who hasn’t enjoyed the luxury of having their hair washed at the hairstylist? Same idea. But with the professional house cleaning, you’ll enjoy that for days as you come home to your nice, clean house.

Lots of folks in the Palo Verde neighborhood hire professional landscapers to take care of their yards. But why overlook the inside of the house and worry only about the outside? A professional house cleaning service can keep the inside as beautiful as the outside.

Palo Verde House Cleaning Service

Maids by Trade, a professional house cleaning service, can bring clean home to you in Palo Verde. No struggling with the mop, no chasing dust bunnies that always seem to escape and reappear with frustrating regularity, no spilled water buckets—just a phone call. It’s easy! A professional home cleaner knows where those dust bunnies hide. They have the right tools for the job; tools you won’t need to spend money on and then have to find a place for. Not to mention replace over time.

Green seal certified Professional House Cleaning ServicesLet me leave you with a tip on cleaning your house. See, when your home is professionally cleaned, then cleaning it between visits from the house cleaning service become much easier and quicker. More of a routine maintenance, so to speak. But in between those visits, the secret to cleaning your house is not to see it as a drudgery that must be endured with stoic stiff upper lips. Zen teaches that whatever you are doing, be doing that and nothing else. The mind should not be off on a hundred other things at once. The mind should be “in” the cleaning, not thinking of going to the movies or whatever. If you are cleaning your house, be cleaning your house. There is nothing else that needs your attention at that moment.

How, then, do we approach cleaning? Is it a hateful chore or a wonderful thing that gives us pleasure? That depends on you. But if you understand that whatever it is that we happen to be doing, we should do with mindfulness, then we can see the task for what it truly is. It is exactly where we need to be at that moment and nowhere else. It takes practice. But practice is the path.