If you have young kids, you know keeping everyone healthy is an uphill battle. If someone does come home sick, the illness spreads throughout your home like wildfire. Kill germs and protect your family with our tips for house sanitization.


How to Sanitize a House


Disinfect All Surfaces

Clean all surfaces that may have been touched by an infected person. This includes:

  • tabletops
  • remotes, phones, and other electronics
  • doorknobs, refrigerator door handles, car door handles, etc.
  • faucets
  • light switches
  • steering wheel
  • stuffed animals and toys

Disinfecting surfaces as soon as possible ensures others don’t touch the germs, which curtails the spread of the illness.


Empty Trash Cans Need Sanitization

A nasty cold means a trash can full of germy tissues. Yuck! Frequently throw away all the garbage in the house in the outside trash during and immediately after the cold. If you want to be extra sure there are no lingering germs, spray your trash cans with disinfectant before placing another bag inside.


Wash the Bedding

Germs cover your sheets and pillowcase after a night of breathing all over them, so wash that bedding. We don’t want this cold coming back! Don’t forget any blankets the infected person may have curled up with on the couch.


How to Sanitize a House - Maids by Trade


Air Out

Open a couple windows to air out the home. Fresh air is good for your health, and it will clear out that stale smell.


Sanitization After a Foodborne Illness

Go through your fridge, freezer, and cupboards and discard expired foods. Wipe down your kitchen surfaces with a disinfectant (cupboards, fridge, countertops, dishes, etc.). Ensure your dishes, silverware, and cups have all been thoroughly washed with hot soapy water or in the dishwasher.

We here at Maids by Trade hope your family stays healthy and clean! Use these and other tips to prevent illness before it happens or to limit its victims once it hits. Regular household cleaning can help keep dirt and germs at bay.