How to Clean BeddingWe spend a third of our lives in bed and the quality of sleep we get there affects our day. A dirty bed can mess with allergies, affect acne, and much more. Clean bedding can be the thing that improves your sleep, which improves your whole day. Get ahead of the game and sleep like a champ using these clean bedding pointers. Your life will thank you!

Clean Sheets

It’s ideal to wash your sheets weekly, every two weeks at the least. Just put your sheets and your pillowcase in your washer and use warm water and your favorite laundry detergent. Tumble dry on low.

Soften Sheets

A natural way to soften sheets is to wash them with vinegar. Add vinegar to your washing machine where you would normally put fabric softener. Bonus: vinegar is also a way to naturally remove stains. Not a bad deal!

Protect Your Mattress

How to Clean Bedding - Maids by TradeUsing a liquid-proof mattress cover to prevent stains and protect from possible mold formation.

Clean Urine on a Mattress

Dampen the mattress with water and sprinkle the urine stain with borax. Rub the borax into the mattress and allow it to dry completely. Vacuum up the powder and wipe up any leftover residue.

Fading Color on Pillowcases

Cosmetics or face lotion can cause pillowcase discoloration. Wash off any make-up or lotions from your face before going to bed.


Use a comforter cover to prevent stains from getting onto your comforter. This will also help shield allergy sufferers from dust and dirt.

Clean Bedding for Better Sleep

Upgrade your bed to upgrade your sleep. With these tricks, your bed will be cleaner, softer, and safer. If you don’t want to keep up with the bed cleaning yourself, you can still get a clean bed with help from a local house cleaning service.