How to Clean a Dryer. Clean DryerHere’s a common misconception: your dryer is the one appliance that needs no upkeep. Many people think you just clean out the lint filter and everything is taken care of. The truth is the lint catcher doesn’t get everything. And that extra lint? It’s hiding in the dryer, posing a fire hazard and decreasing the efficiency of your machine. A clean dryer is safer and more productive, so find out how to get rid of that extra lint.

Step One

Get the surfaces of your dryer as clean as possible: remove anything from the top and wipe down the entire surface of your dryer (including the dryer door).

Step Two

Remove the lint trap from the machine and empty it. Clean the lint trap with soapy water and fully dry it before putting it back into the dryer.

Step Three

Gently open the top of the dryer using a screwdriver (just insert the screwdriver in the crease and push down). Now you have access to the drum of the machine, where lint likes to hide. Vacuum the drum and remove any trapped dust or lint. Replace the top of the dryer.

Step Four

The final step is to use an all-purpose cleaner to spray the inside of the dryer. Open the dryer door and spray the cleaner all over the surface. Wipe with a damp cloth over the entire surface. Let the inside of the machine dry before using.

A Clean Dryer is a Better Dryer

Now you have a cleaner and more efficient dryer! A yearly cleaning is sufficient for getting rid of that extra lint. Even if you don’t regularly clean the drum, do remember to clean the lint trap every single time before you dry a load. A full lint trap can cause a dryer to catch on fire.