Cleaning your cleaning tools? It makes sense once you think about it: they’re some of the dirtiest items in the house. Mops especially get very dirty but rarely get cleaned. Follow our easy cleaning guide to make any kind of mop a clean mop.


How to Clean a Mop


Rinse and Soak

It’s best to clean your mop after every use. Start by rinsing out the mop until the water runs clear. Then place the mop in a bucket containing 2 gallons of hot water and a cup of bleach. Let your mop soak for 10 minutes, rinse again, then hang it up to dry.  (You can also clean your mop head using water and a cup of vinegar instead.)

Note: Make sure you really have rinsed your mop well so your mop is free of cleaner and you’re not mixing chemicals. Check out our page on House Cleaning Safety to learn about which chemicals should never be mixed.

Other Warnings:

  • Do not leave a mop soaking for too long. Warmth and moisture often means mold and bacteria.
  • Make sure the mop is completely dry before placing it in its storage place. Otherwise the mop might get moldy.
  • When soaking a mop in bleach, make sure it is inaccessible to children.


In the Dishwasher

If your wet mop has a removable head, it can be cleaned in the dishwasher! Place the mop head on the top rack of an otherwise empty dishwasher. Add 1 cup of vinegar to the detergent dispenser and run the dishwasher’s normal cycle. When the cycle is over squeeze out excess water from the mop head and hang it up to dry. Getting a clean mop has never been easier!


In the Washer

Removable mop heads can also be cleaned in the washing machine. (Sponge mop heads are not machine washable.) Add 1/2 of bleach to the washing machine and wash the mop by itself on a normal cycle.  When the wash is over, squeeze out all excess water then hang the mop head up to dry.


How to Clean a Dry Mop

This one is easy. The best way to clean a dry mop is to take it outside and shake it off very well. This removes loose particles and dust. If more than a good shake is needed, clean the mop with warm soapy water, squeeze out excess water, and set out to dry.


A Clean Mop Means a Cleaner House

Just a little bit of mop maintenance makes a big difference for your floors. Clean your mop after every use to prevent spreading germs and dirt around your house. If mopping is just too unappealing or there’s simply no time, call a local maid service and they will be happy to help.