Though many workers now sit at a desk, there are still many manual jobs with risks out there. Unfortunately just about everyone has heard a horror story or two of an injured worker. Naturally, some homeowners might worry about their liability if a worker was injured in their home. If you are anxious about the details surrounding your professional cleaning crew, here are four points to keep in mind that will put you at ease.


Liability & House Cleaner Injuries


1. A business that is properly licensed

All of Maids by Trade’s home cleaning employees are covered under our licensing. This is vital for any manual labor job, especially cleaners. Businesses are required to have proper licensing because this verifies that they are registered as a legal business within the state. Depending on the type of business, it can also mean they are recognized by any third parties as a knowledgeable, efficient, and professional cleaning business. Learn more about these 3 Ways Disputes Form with a House Cleaning Service.


2. Our liability under being bonded

This is where things become more relevant for you, the homeowner. Being properly bonded is a must for cleaning employees, as it covers a range of basic assurances. First off, this means that every employee on a given job is required to finish the job with the most honest practices.

If for some reason this does not happen, it means the homeowner can be awarded compensation. Almost all of the time, incidents involving bonding never become an issue and Maids by Trade is proud to keep an intact record as we do background checks on all employees prior to hiring.


3. Each employee has insurance coverage

It is absolutely essential to make sure you work with a cleaning company that offers insurance for all of their cleaning crews. Just like car or home insurance, this allows the company to handle any accidents outside of your worries. If something were to happen, your cleaning service would file a claim and make sure that everything gets repaired or replaced to your satisfaction.


4. Safety first, disclose known issues

As is true of any large-scale undertaking, the more preparation before the actual event, the better things will go. If there are any sections of your home that are excessively dilapidated and may cause harm when not acknowledged, mention this over the phone or in person before the cleaning actually begins. This could save hours of frustration later.

The same goes for any prominent, valuable belongings or objects made with special substances that your cleaners might otherwise be unaware of. Make a note of these to your cleaning crew so that they can handle everything in your house with equal care. Maids by Trade requires that any surfaces requiring special attention and care are reported prior to cleaning.


Here at Maids by Trade, we don’t want you to worry about liability. If questions or disputes do come up, we do our best to settle them quickly and satisfactorily. We want to help relieve your worries, so we have taken it upon ourselves to be licensed, bonded, and ensure everyone at our company is fully insured. Feel free to contact us with questions.

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