Forget about convenient; getting other people to clean your house can feel downright luxurious…until something goes wrong. Then everything goes in the exact opposite direction. Instead of convenience and relaxation, you’ve suddenly got frustration and anger. There’s no panacea for house cleaning disputes, but there are some common misunderstandings to watch out for. Understand these points and you should always be happy with your chosen company and avoid house cleaning service disputes.


House Cleaning Service disputes


Give a Heads Up

Everyone has last-minute schedule changes. When this happens to you and you no longer want your cleaners to come, let them know as soon as possible. It’s a sign that you respect their time and recognize it as valuable. Not only is it upsetting to arrive at a home only to be told there’s no work to be done, it’s quite a puzzle constructing a schedule for the cleaning of dozens of homes spread miles apart. A hour we no longer need to spend at one client’s home is a resource we might use elsewhere.

Maids by Trade requests that if clients are going to cancel service, they do so before 2:00 pm on the business day before the cleaning appointment. If the client doesn’t, there will be a charge. Most of the time, if the client knows of such a fee beforehand and communication is clear, they’re not upset. Dispute avoided!

More Work Just Costs More

The quote a house cleaning company gives a client reflects a lot of things: labor, equipment, supplies, quality, and time. It stands to reasons that if a clients want more service, it will take longer and thus cost more. When a client’s home takes longer or they request additional services, their house cleaning service will appropriately and respectfully inform them of additional costs. For a list of what services Maids by Trade considers extra, check out our Service Options page or the overview of the services we provide.

Another thing to keep in mind is clutter. Maids can pick up toys from the floor and perform light organizing, but, again, that makes the cleaning take longer. We recommend to our clients that they ensure the areas to be cleaned are accessible and ready to be scrubbed!

We’re Not Mind Readers!

Got a crazy dog? Delicate drawer handles? If there is anything you think we need to know about your home or how you want it cleaned, please let us know! We can’t respect your wishes if you don’t communicate them to us.

House Cleaning Service Disputes Be Gone!

We strive to always be open and communicative when it comes to our service. We put everything on the table so there are no surprises and fewer disputes. Check out our FAQ page for more answers to questions you may have about using maid service. If your question isn’t answered there, or something is not entirely clear, then please point that out to us! We’d love some feedback on how to make this page more helpful to clients.