Solutions: Solving a House Cleaning Service Dispute

Conventional business transactions involve a customer having their needs met, a business generating profit, and both parties walking away satisfied. Any deviation from this formula can lead to one or more disgruntled parties and a dispute.

In the house cleaning industry, disputes often center around damage or accidents. Maids by Trade is licensed, bonded, and insured so that you, the homeowner, are not liable. Most businesses are like us and focused on delivering the best customer service they can. With all these things in mind, here are our 4 things to keep in mind when solving a dispute with a house cleaning company.


Solving a House Cleaning Service Dispute


1. Take a deep breath and re-center your perspective

As much as everyone would like to live and work in a perfect world, such a mindset means ignoring reality. Disputes do occasionally take place, and it is better to be prepared than not. If a dispute does pop up, before you speak out of raw emotion, take a deep breath and remember that these things happen sometimes.

Disputes are frustrating, but you are not the only one who has ever dealt with a dispute before. Re-center yourself and clarify what you are getting angry about. Write things down if that helps you maintain clarity. The dispute will be over before you know it.


2. Keep in mind that you are dealing with other humans

As is true of any issue, when facing a dispute with your house cleaning service, you are dealing with other humans. Remember that even though you’re angry, they have just as much a right to the conversation as you do.

On the flip side, it is completely true that through a dispute, your house cleaning service should be affording you premium respect as well. If they cannot solve a dispute through civility, manners and respect, consider whether or not they will be worth your time in the future. Do your best to work the dispute towards a solution, and be respectful and clear – just like you would want to be treated. With that being said, helpful tips when it comes to choosing a cleaning or maid service can make or break a deal.


3. Maintain the conversation around the facts and the company’s expressed policies

Super service award winner serviceIt is critical to keep in mind that any dispute needs to face the facts as soon as possible. This is best handled in the form of printed or electronic documentation, and your house cleaning service’s stated policies and procedures. You can use what the

company already has on their website or brochure as valid information for handling the dispute.

As previously mentioned, most of the time disputes are not an issue, but if one crops up, you want to make sure that you are receiving the type of service that was agreed upon when the appointment was made. This helps keep a house cleaning service to their word. You should already be working with a reputable, established house cleaning company, but if not, this is an important move to make as a customer.

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4. Afford the most respect you can

As the customer, you should be receiving what you expected and even a little more, especially when hiring a trustworthy house cleaning service. In the event you end up with an unexpected dispute, use the most respect you can in working it out with the company. It is always better to be remembered as the even-tempered, intelligent customer than it is to stoop to a low-quality company’s level.

21st-century life moves too fast to be stuck with a low-grade, unprofessional house cleaning service. You want to have a house cleaning company that will deliver what they promise and leave your home clean and sparkling for weeks to come.


Solving a Dispute with Maids by Trade

Maids by Trade is a company Built on a Spotless Reputation. While we do our best, sometimes accidents do happen. Know that it is in our best interest to work things out so that you are satisfied with our services. Client care is a top priority… Please let us know if you have any concerns.