Hiring companies the do background checks is just part of choosing a reputable business. Whether you are moving out, preparing your house for a much-needed deep cleaning, taking care of regular duties, or cleaning up after having been away for a while, you want to know that the people you are hiring to help clean will treat your home with as much (if not more) respect than you do. This is why it makes sense, from both a customer’s and business owner’s perspective, to ensure that a cleaning service runs background checks on their employees. Here are five traits you can expect from employees and companies with background checks.


Background Checks


1 – You know they are a good company if they employ quality people

Naturally, you want to know that your house is being tended to by people who have as much in common as possible with family circumstances as you do. It can be odd when you see men along with women coming to clean your house, as you may have different expectations of an individual’s performance based on gender. It is for these reasons that Maids by Trade requires consistent and tangible professionalism in our employees, as well as familiarity and involvement with family environments.


2 – Eliminates concern for your goods

With the ability to conduct a pre-hiring background check, this easily provides information about an individual’s criminal history, or lack thereof. By nature of the industry, employees of residential cleaning businesses are regularly surrounded by valuable belongings, information, and possessions that are not their own. Maids by Trade makes a point to hire entirely trustworthy individuals in order to maintain the company’s reputation and deliver above-average service.


3 – Peace of mind with proper insurance

Quality companies that perform background checks on their employees will be the same ones to enact bondage and insurance with their company. This means that for any mishaps on the job, any legal or financial burden will fall on the shoulders of the company, leaving you to rest easy. Maids by Trade goes one step further with full Workman’s Compensation for our employees, guaranteeing that all parties involved are satisfied should an accident occur.


4 – Hiring experienced employees and background checks

Whenever possible, any type of company is going to look for as much as experience as they can get with their applicants. Having experienced employees speeds up the work process, strengthens existing teams, increases positivity and satisfaction of the brand and enables the company to achieve greater success. Conducting extensive background checks alongside matters of the law allows a cleaning business to pick the best of the best.


5 – Smaller teams delivering quality services

Both you and the cleaning service you are considering are interested in getting the job done as swiftly and effectively as possible. For you it means getting to enjoy your clean house sooner, and for the business, it is a valuable testimony for the caliber of their work and their taste in selecting workers. By completing background checks for their employees, they can hone in on picking staff based on their most prominent strengths, which allows them to round out a proper team. Through this technique, you will experience a compact but far more talented group of workers. Check our publication about House Cleaning: Quality vs Quantity.

Maids by Trade has been cultivating a workforce known for its quality execution for nearly two decades. Clients throughout the Pacific Northwest have been generously providing great reviews for many years. We provide a custom job based on your needs, so contact us today to get your house cleaned. For last minute house cleaning jobs Maids by Trade offers Same Day Service.


Pre-hiring background checks