House Cleaning: Quality versus Quantity

You have a spare moment and, surprisingly, you have the motivation to clean up some of the mess in your house. So what should you do? Do a lot of fast easy chores or just a few harder time-consuming ones? We discuss our thoughts on the house cleaning quality vs quantity issue below.


House Cleaning: Quality versus Quantity


Detailed cleanings are better than superficial cleanings

This piece of advice reveals the greatest enemy when it comes to keeping your house clean. Hundreds of families fall victim to the idea of “sweeping the dust under the rug.” The idea that you can quickly make your house cleaner just by moving junk items or relocating dirt to different areas is completely false and misleading. Ultimately, this does not get the job done. This is merely moving “stuff” from one room to the next. Genuine house cleaning takes getting a little dirty and dedicating yourself to the task.

In tandem with actually getting the work done, focus on cleaning your house with the routineness that you afford to eating meals, rather than treating it as something that has to be done all of a sudden. Regularly checking up on areas of your house that need to be cleaned helps it to be less emotionally painful and more something that can be done with ease.


Expectations vs. reality when it comes to house cleaning

Using this tactic is one of the most powerful and positive ways to get moving on your house cleaning. Take 5-10 minutes to visualize how you want your house to look when you or visitors are inside. Having a notebook to write down your thoughts helps a lot as well.

Stay focused in terms of what you can purchase to aid this process, but also be as specific and detailed as possible with what you can accomplish. Most of the time, people want a cozy home that also has breathing room. The easiest way to satisfy these desires jointly is to get rid of junk that is taking up space. Do not just throw it in the basement or stuff it in a spare closet; actually figure out what purpose it has and where it ought to be.


Setting goals when cleaning your home

Your home regularly needs heavy cleaning, but if you are like most people, you do not look forward to mundane, tiresome cleaning work. It is easy to think about the undesirable parts of your task, but this can prevent you from even starting it.

A nifty trick to harness with this problem is lining up your deep house cleaning sessions with the changes of seasons, and one more per season for good measure. Different weather during different seasons naturally brings enough work to handle, and in many instances, a well-lived-in house gets dirty enough for further cleaning.

Pick open slots on your calendar a full season ahead of time and schedule house cleaning tasks that the whole family can participate in. This will make the work itself a cakewalk and you may even be looking forward to the next time you can do it.


More hands simplify cleaning chores

Every family is different, which means every family’s schedule is different. Based on this fact, your family might travel a lot and you need your house to be cleaned on a different basis than your neighbors or friends. Or, a certain part of your home has unique requirements and you need more hands to help.

There is also the chance that you simply want more time to spend with your family, not having to worry about cleaning your house all the time.

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So what’s the answer in quality vs quantity?

Well, we think it’s both! (We know, that was a little tricky.) But isn’t it true? Wouldn’t you love to have everything cleaned and cleaned well? It’s hard to get it all done yourself. If there just isn’t the time, Maids by Trade is a click or phone call away. We would love to help you solve your house cleaning problems.

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