Hammock Day is another of those holidays that hasn’t reached Hallmark greeting card status, but is definitely celebrated by many people all across the United States. Unlike many holidays that encourage running around and busying yourself with many preparations, this one encourages just the opposite. It urges everyone to relax.


Hammock Day Encourages Relaxation


Hammock Day

This year (2016), Hammock Day will be celebrated on Friday, July 22nd. Those celebrating will either string up a hammock or ease themselves into one already hung. They will then kick back, kick off their shoes, and relax in celebration of the day.

While lounging in their hammocks, celebrants should consider other ways they incorporate relaxation into the rest of the year. Hiring a maid service and spending less time doing housework is one way. Trying one of those new boxed meal services that provides everything needed to create a delicious gourmet meal is another.


What is a Hammock?

It’s important to understand exactly what a hammock is in order to celebrate Hammock Day. A hammock is a sling of sorts tied between two posts or trees. Most hammocks are made of netting, fabric, or cord. More lavish hammocks feature padding and a built-in pillow.

Hammocks are traditionally used for swinging, napping, or placing a small child in at nap time. They are also used when camping, as they elevate people off the ground, preventing direct contact with the dirty ground below, as well as crawling insects and small animals.

Hammocks were once used as beds on ships. They saved more space than bunks, allowing for extra cargo and supplies to be stored on board.


Hammock Day Encourages Relaxation in backyard


Modern Hammocks

Those planning to celebrate this day might have one of the more modern hammocks complete with its own frame. Not relying on two posts or trees for support, these hammocks have metal or wooden frames from which they are hung. In some fairly expensive options, the frame is a work of art. These hammocks are typically designed for indoor use, but even the outdoor hammock has evolved.

Pricier outdoor hammocks grace in-ground swimming pool lounge areas and finely groomed backyards. It’s plain to see these folks already have their maid service at their fingertips, and their landscapers and personal trainers, too. Some of these fancy outdoor hammocks cost thousands of dollars.


The Origin of Hammocks

There is some confusion as to the earliest hammocks recorded in history. Some believe hammocks came from South America hundreds of years ago. Others believe explorer Christopher Columbus detailed hammocks in his journals as he discovered America. Still others think the invention must be credited to the ancient Greeks. In other word, no one knows for sure. One thing that is quite certain, however, is that none of these groups of people celebrated Hammock Day. That’s a far more modern celebration.


Hammocks for Pets

With the creation of hammocks for cats and dogs, even pets can celebrate this relaxing day. Some cat hammocks are like slings, and tie onto the four legs of a chair, providing a comfortable place to hang out underneath the chair. Others feature full frames—usually made from wood.

Dog hammocks can be expensive, depending on the size of the dog. These typically have full frames as well, and some even have canopies under which the pampered pooches can lounge.


Hammock Day Encourages Relaxation for pets


Other Ways to Celebrate

In addition to simply lounging or napping in a hammock in celebration of this wonderful day, there are several other ways you can celebrate. You could plan an overnight hammock celebration. Bring plenty of insect repellent since bugs that fly might feast on you otherwise. Stringing hammocks up for all the family members is akin to a stay-at-home camping trip. Eating S’mores before crawling into hammocks would surely add to the fun.

Bringing a good book out to your hammock is an excellent way to celebrate Hammock Day. Plugging in your ear buds with a brand new playlist sounds like fun or listening to a good audio book would also be relaxing.

Sipping a glass of wine or a frosty glass of iced tea will make the event even more pleasurable. Those who can’t live without email or social media might enjoy catching up on a day’s worth while lying in a hammock. One could even relax while the maid service that you hire is taking care of your home. That certainly would be relaxing, wouldn’t it?

Regardless of how you choose to enjoy your hammock, the most important thing of all is to simply do it. Allowing yourself to do anything that encourages relaxation is vitally important to both the body and the soul. And face it—not many of us relax nearly enough.

Will you allow some hammock time to be a part of your summer fun?