Gift Certificates

Give the gift that is unique and useful—a clean home! A Maids by Trade gift certificate is also easy to use. Our service options include everything from recurring cleanings on a customized schedule to simple one-time cleanings on an hourly rate, so we are flexible enough to help you create the perfect gift for the right amount.


House cleaning Gift Certificates


Whatever the occasion, when you give a Maids by Trade gift certificate, you’re not only giving a clean home but the gifts of indulgence, stress relief, and more free time. You’re giving your loved one or friend the feeling of content that comes with a clean, well-ordered home. Clean means so much more when you give it as a gift, so get a Maids by Trade gift certificate today!

There are lots of people who would love a Maids by Trade gift certificate, and lots of occasions to give them. These cards are great for new parents who are busy and exhausted, as housewarming or moving-away gifts, or for surprising your significant other with a spotless home. They’re perfect for those who fall into the difficult-to-buy-for category: they want nothing, they don’t want another thing that will just take up space, or they already seem to have everything. What better gift for those than a service that, instead of adding mess into their lives, takes it away? You can even give a cleaning to your clean-freak friend who wouldn’t mind being even cleaner.

Learn How to Give Cleaning as a Gift (Without Insulting Someone)


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