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Gift Certificates

House cleaning Gift CertificatesGive the gift that is unique and useful—a clean home! A Maids by Trade gift certificate is also easy to use. Our service options include everything from recurring cleanings on a customized schedule to simple one-time cleanings on an hourly rate, so we are flexible enough to help you create the perfect gift for the right amount.

Whatever the occasion, when you give a Maids by Trade gift certificate, you’re not only giving a clean home but the gifts of indulgence, stress relief, and more free time. You’re giving your loved one or friend the feeling of content that comes with a clean, well-ordered home. Clean means so much more when you give it as a gift, so get a Maids by Trade gift certificate today!

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There are lots of people who would love a Maids by Trade gift certificate, and lots of occasions to give them. These cards are great for new parents who are busy and exhausted, as housewarming or moving-away gifts, or for surprising your significant other with a spotless home. They’re perfect for those who fall into the difficult-to-buy-for category: they want nothing, they don’t want another thing that will just take up space, or they already seem to have everything. What better gift for those than a service that, instead of adding mess into their lives, takes it away? You can even give a cleaning to your clean-freak friend who wouldn’t mind being even cleaner.

All of our services are performed by trained house cleaning professionals and backed by our Service Guarantee. We are a local company that has been serving Oregon and Washington with high-quality house cleaning since 1997. If you have further questions, you can also call us at (503) 256-1160 or contact us here.