Quick! How many jelly beans are manufactured for Easter Day? Think about it. Pick a number. What’s the answer? 16 billion. Not 16 thousand, not 16 million, 16 billion jelly beans! This mind-boggling statistic means more than eating sugar to your heart’s content this April 20. After Christmas, Easter is the biggest spending holiday in the United States, and like Christmas it now involves candy, chocolate, clothes, flowers, decorations, and more. An Easter house cleaning has become a must after a day full of friends, family, and sweets.


Easter Day: A House Cleaning Hunt


Have you ever sat on a jelly bean? Trust us, they stain slacks, skirts, and shirts alike. While undeniably delicious, these sugary capsules have a way of appearing in every nook and cranny of your home during your next house cleaning. We’ll tell you what to do about that in a moment. Ever been on an Easter egg hunt? Your little ones will enter the fray full of energy, but you may find yourself crawling around your house or community center to clean up the aftermath. Grass and dirt blotches are just as much of a problem as candy stains. Here are a few stain-removal pointers to keep your clothes clean this Easter:


Easter Stains



Milk duds, chocolate eggs, and chocolate Easter bunnies are no fun when they find their way into your clothes. First, remove any excess chocolate from the stained area. Then, soak the garment in coldwater (hot water will only bake in the stain), along with some detergent. Scrub vigorously until the chocolate stain has been removed.



Sweet, sugary, colored candy requires hot water for cleaning. Soak the affected garment in hot water (this removes the sugars), and scrub with detergent. If the color is still noticeable, use a laundry pre-treatment product.


Grass and dirt

For wool, silk or synthetic clothing, lightly sponge the affected area from the center outward with a dry-cleaning solvent. Apply a dry-spotter absorbent pad to the area, changing the pad as it picks up the stain. Flush with a dry cleaning solvent and allow air-drying. For cotton, linen and nylon materials, scrub the stain with dishwashing or laundry detergent, allowing the clothing to soak. Rinse with clean water and machine wash normally.

Use these house cleaning tips to keep your clothes spotless this Easter.


Easter House Cleaning

Now that the clothing is taken care of, what are you going to do with the house cleaning mess in your home? For starters, keep an eye out for candy and wrappers on the floor. These belong in the garbage, not stuck to the bottom of your shoes and socks. Keep these in-home cleaning tips in mind for a tidy living space this Easter:

  • Pick up large candies and wrappers by hand. While it could be tempting to reach for the vacuum cleaner, a clogged hose is a much bigger chore than taking care of this task by hand.
  • Take out the trash early. Taking care of this ordinary house cleaning chore before you normally would help keep ants and other pests (or pets) out of your garbage. It’s best to avoid attracting unwanted visitors into your home with such large amounts of sugar.
  • Create an “Easter Dining Area.” Once your kids have their own stashes of candy, their first thought may be to sit down wherever they are in the house and begin feasting. Having a designated sweets area helps keep cleaning to a minimum and allows you to keep an eye on candy consumption all at once.

We hope these Easter house cleaning tips help! Don’t forget to relax and have some fun with your family and friends. And remember, whether or not you hire a regular house cleaning service, you can always call for a one-time appointment and give yourself some much-deserved downtime.

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