Here’s another great Yelp review from our client Marie G. While we usually send teams of two, for this job we sent a team of three to deep clean the home in the time the client needed. Read what Marie had to say about her experience with our service:


Deep clean review by Marie G.



Maids by Trade avatarWe are glad we were able to deep clean Marie’s home and give her an “early Christmas present!” That’s why we love cleaning in the first place: because we enjoy helping families love their homes. We’re also pleased that Marie took the time to acknowledge her cleaning team. All of our cleaners really appreciate recognition for their hard work.

We aspire to have every client just as satisfied as Marie. We outline ways to get the perfect deep clean on our pages Interacting with Your House Cleaning Company and Make an Impact with Deep House Cleaning. 

A Deep Clean is a Necessity

If you want to know how to deep clean your home on your own, then here are a few more resources to get you started:

Again, thanks to Marie for her continued patronage and for leaving a review. All business appreciate feedback and constructive criticism. We encourage everyone to leave reviews for the services they use. We even have written about the top 3 reasons to review house cleaning and other services!

-The Maids by Trade Family!