Like most everyone, you wish cleaning would not have to be on your to-do list anymore. You work hard and you don’t have time for time-consuming maintenance tasks. By hiring a house cleaning company, you get more efficiency and less time scrubbing.

Odds are, if you hire a house cleaning company and their work is satisfactory, you’ll stick with them for a long time. After all, who wants to go back to cleaning? So knowing how to communicate to your company so they keep you happy, and how you can keep them happy in return, will be helpful in keeping your cleaning time way down and your efficiency and happiness way up.


Interacting with Your House Cleaning Company


Communicating with your House Cleaning Company


Maintain habits of openness

Just like eating whole, nutritious foods and making time to exercise, maintaining great communication is easiest when started early and regularly practiced. You may have been burned or let down by house cleaning services in the past, and you are looking for a company that truly stands by their word when they work.

One of the easiest and simplest ways to get started on a great foot with your cleaning company is to be up front with them regarding the needs of your house and any specific desires you have. Listen carefully for their response, for it will reveal what type of cleaning company they are. There are ultimately only two types of cleaning companies: those that try to sneak your money away from you through a shoddy job, and those that present all of their facts up front, as well as the quote, so that you are not left guessing.


Write a review online

Your cleaning service has come in, consistently done their job well, you are genuinely satisfied with the results and you are wondering what to do next. The most professional house cleaning companies have a page on their website where you can write a review.

You might be thinking, “Hold on. I know I got a great service, but what’s in it for me when I write a review?” Fortunately, quite a bit. When you write an online review of your cleaning company, you receive three things. You have the chance to use your voice on a platform that you otherwise would not have, your name and picture are included next to your review, and hundreds of people will end up seeing your review.

A bit of fame, recognition, and validation is not a bad trade-off for taking 1 to 2 minutes to write a review. Plus, who knows – your company may just place yours at the very top of the review page!


If you live in the Pacific Northwest, and you are still struggling to find a house cleaning company that will serve you with authentically satisfactory value, take a look at the services that Maids by Trade offers. We also feature Yelp reviews on our review page, and our customers are always welcome and encouraged to write a review.

Customer reviews are the absolute best way that we can improve. With nearly 2 decades of experience, Maids by Trade has been blessed and proud to achieve a 99.7% satisfaction rate among our customers. Please contact us today for an estimate in your house.