Latino Cleaning Company Thrives In The Middle Of A Changing Political Climate

Following Small Business of the Year Award, Maids by Trade Launches Tactical Growth Plan in Midst of Changing Political Climate

Portland, Oregon’s own Maids by Trade was proud to be recognized by Portland State University’s Business Outreach Program for success in Job Creation and Business Growth; receiving the prestigious Small Business of the Year Award. Maids by Trade has a reputation of being a premium house cleaning company that operates in Oregon and other states. It is the spotless reputation held by Maids by Trade as the most reviewed cleaning service for twelve consecutive years, the use of the EcoPink℠ System; and their new growth plan that solidifies its future.

Following the receipt of the Small Business of the Year Award, Maids by Trade and their founder, Fortino Barajas launched a tactical growth plan for current and new territories, a program that enables managers to have their own house cleaning company, a systematic approach in over 30 states in an effort to increase franchising, the opening of the first office in Tucson Arizona and another office set for early 2017 in Oregon, the acquisition of a new fleet of vehicles, and preparation for Maids by Trade’s 20th anniversary coming up next year.

Founder of Maids by Trade, Fortino Barajas strongly believes in the strength of the entire Latino community as well as Latino business owners, especially in the face of the negative portrayal the community has recently been receiving in the political spectrum. Barajas is steadfast in his belief that the future administration must recognize the need to collaborate with small business owners in general, but especially Latino entrepreneurs, to contribute to the growth of the United States economy. Barajas believes that this tactical plan will not only be beneficial for his thriving house cleaning business, but for the small business owners of the near and distant future.

Maids by Trade has received local and national media attention in the form of appearances on live broadcasts, guest appearances, and crew cameos on national television programs. Most notably, Fortino Barajas himself appeared on Univision’s own “Oprah of the Northwest”, where he had an extensive interview in which he discussed the company’s successes and future goals. It was here that he discussed the many facets of his tactical growth plan and explained how he planned on implementing them to grow the company into a national house cleaning brand.

Maids by Trade has offered free home cleaning services to cancer patients and is expanding those free services to people affected by Alzheimer’s. In-line with founder Fortino Barajas’ own humble beginnings, the company has also launched a micro-lending program that allows aspiring entrepreneurs to reach their dreams.

Barajas and his team are thankful to their clientele for this honor and believe that it shows just how much commitment and pride everyone in the Maids by Trade family has for the business.

Because of its status of one of the top leaders in the residential cleaning industry, Maids by Trade is a fascinating and relatable business story as well as a provider to elite clientele that include celebrities and politicians. The founder of Maids by Trade, Fortino Barajas is available for press via Skype, by phone (503) 256-1160 or via e-mail.