Maids by Trade was pleased to make an appearance on Univision. Founder Fortino Barajas was interviewed on the program Cita con Nelly to discuss the company’s success and future.


Maids by Trade’s Univision Appearance



Nelly starts the interview by describing Fortino as an admirable young man and saying it’s incredible what he’s built as a young entrepreneur.

Part of Fortino’s success comes from having started a maid service unlike all the others. Maids by Trade uses eco-friendly products and the EcoPink™ System, created after two years in collaboration with the organization Green Seal.

Maids by Trade at work

Maids by Trade has become such a success because of a great business model and hard-working people. Maids by Trade’s workforce of over 30 employees are all individuals committed to doing their best. The company’s use of the latest office technology ensures that clients have a great experience with all members of our staff, all the time. Maids by Trade thrives because it always works hard to improve and better its clients’ home cleaning experience.



Fortino shared with Nelly the ways in which Maids by Trade is involved in the local community. The company both receives from the community in the form of awards and accolades and gives back by participating in and sponsoring other organizations and events. These include:

  • Partnered with Cleaning for a Reason to provide cleaning services to women with cancer
  • Participated in the Children’s Cancer Association telethon
  • Fortino received a scholarship to complete Business Management & Development
  • Won the Small Business of the Year Award from the PSU Business Outreach Program


Maids by Trade says “Thanks!” on Univision

Fortino credits the success of his business and its reputation to the hard work of all those involved. He is grateful to his dedicated employees, both those working in clients’ homes and the office, other contributors, and the Portland and Vancouver communities.


The Future of Maids by Trade

Fortino can’t predict where he or the company will be in 20 years, but he hopes that his business will continue to grow. Maids by Trade offers franchise opportunities so that others can launch successful businesses as well.

Fortino was happy to represent the Maids by Trade family on Univision. It was a great opportunity to share the story of the business and discuss our place in the community. Thanks to the Cita con Nelly program.


Maids by Trade is an active community member that gives back and contributes to the creation of employment opportunities.