Maids by Trade Supports Kiva

Last Update: 4/23/2020      We have reached a milestone! 520+ Loans and counting…

Maids by Trade Supports Kiva

(Guatemala) Ingrid and Josephina in their retail clothing business. They are grateful for the support they’ve received.

Maids by Trade has been giving back in the Portland community for years, but we also care about the global community. Maids by Trade and Kiva have partnered to give out microloans to individuals in need all over the world. The recipients of these loans use the money to support their small businesses, help their families, and better their lives.

Maids by Trade is happy to help others help themselves. Maids by Trade grew from a one-man operation to a company that employs over thirty people, so we know the power of hard work and dreaming big. These loans are small, but they have a huge impact on the lives of the people that receive them.  We are excited for this opportunity to get involved and to support the goals of others.

Countries impacted by the Maids by Trade & Friends Team

Countries that received loans from Maids by Trade's Kiva program

Countries impacted by Maids by Trade’s Family Team from Kiva

How We’re Involved

To date, Maids by Trade has given out over $13,400 dollars in loans to people in 29 countries. We have supported endeavors in agriculture, retail, health, and the arts. Over 75% of the loans have been within the US territory.

We are happy that we are involved in a process that empowers people. Our loans aren’t charity, but a vote of confidence that says we believe in the importance of these projects and the capability of the people undertaking them.

 Projects supported by the Maids by Trade Family Team

Sectors impacted by the Maids the Trade's Family Team

Who’s involved with Kiva?

  • Our families, who share our beliefs about helping fellow humans.
  • Our clients, compassionate individuals that support their community.
  • Our business partners, individuals, vendors and organizations that share our views about helping others.
  • Our workforce, always committed to contribute in changing lives and helping those in need. We know first-hand the need of support!

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