We’ve all done it—or at least most of us have. Are you guilty of coming home exhausted and falling into bed—without removing your makeup first?

If so, you know that morning brings with it some harsh realities. First off, you probably wake up looking like a raccoon, with black makeup smudged all around your eyes. The second problem you’ve created—and this one requires a bit more effort to clean than your eyes—is the makeup that’s on your pillowcase.


How to Clean Makeup from Pillowcases


Makeup Cleaning Tools

Here is a list of what you will need to get your makeup out of your pillowcases:

  • Dry Tissue—to blot with
  • Oil based dishwashing soap
  • Spray Bottle filled with water
  • Old clean toothbrush
  • Washer and Dryer
  • Liquid Laundry Soap


Oil Based Makeup

Most lipsticks are oil based, so if it’s lipstick that’s wound up on your pillowcase, the first thing you want to make certain is that it’s yours. Otherwise you must have a serious talk with your significant other.

All kidding aside, if it’s lipstick on your pillowcase, you must pre-treat the stain with something oil based as well. Many dishwashing liquids are oil based. Cleaning it starts by blotting the area with a dry tissue. Next, spray the stain with a bit of plain water, being careful not to soak the fabric.

Taking a drop of dishwashing liquid on your fingertip, gently rub it on to the stain. Find an old, clean toothbrush, and work the soap into the pillowcase fabric with it, using a circular motion.

Throw the pillowcase into the washing machine and cleaning as usual. Do not dry until you have ascertained the stain is gone. Drying will set the stain, if any discoloration remains.

This method works well for liquid or powder foundations, too, even when they are not oil based.


How to Clean Makeup from Pillowcases and washing it correctly


Mascara/Eye Makeup

If you’ve awoken to mascara or eyeliner on your pillowcase, some simple pre-treating will take these stains away. Yes, these stains usually look worse than lipstick stains because they’re black or brown. Because they’re water-based, however, cleaning is actually as breeze.

Using a few drops of your regular liquid laundry detergent, simply rub it on the stain and allow it to remain there for a few minutes. Cleaning it is the same as with lipstick—pop the pillowcase in the washing machine and launder as usual. Make sure to check that the stain is gone prior to transferring your pillowcase into the dryer.

Yes, you might wake up looking like a raccoon once in a while after a big night out, but that doesn’t mean you need to give up your favorite bedding as a result. These simple steps will ensure years of sleeping like a baby.