Many people know how to clean the fireplace, but what they might not know is how to clean the fireplace screen. Luckily, we’re here to tell you how. It’s a simple and easy chore, so read about how to get a clean fireplace screen and then go get started.


How to Clean a Fireplace Screen



Many people use glass doors to wall in their fire. A downside to this method is the unsightly soot stains on the glass. Surprisingly, you can actually remove these stains with another byproduct from your fireplace: the ashes! Counter-intuitive, but true.

Start by ensuring the glass is cool and safe to touch. Then remove the glass and take it outside or to another place where it’s fine to make a mess. Wipe away the loose ashes or soot from the glass. Moisten a soft cloth with water, then dip it into ashes collected from the fireplace. Scrub the stains with the ashy cloth until they’re removed. Rinse, dry, and put the glass back in front of the fireplace.

This job will probably require some elbow grease. If you want a slightly easier job of it and don’t care about whether you use a natural or conventional cleaner, then use ammonia or an oven cleaner for this task.



Again, start by making sure the screen is safe to touch. Remove it and place it outside for cleaning. Use a mild soap, warm water, and a sponge or rag to clean. Scrub both sides to remove dirt and build-up. Rinse the screen with clean water and dry. Replace the screen.


Cozy Fireplace, Clean Fireplace Screen

Without soot stains on your glass, you can actually see the crackling flames that keep your home warm. Clean your screens a few times a year depending on fireplace use and remember to always be safe!