Sit Back and Relax in Clean Bar StoolsBar stools are a common piece of furniture found in many different style homes.  There is a type and style of bar stool for any home decor choice or theme.

There are leather, upholstered, wicker, and even metal (chrome) bar stools.  They come in all shapes and sizes.  Some have backs while others are just a seat.  They can be short or tall and skinny or fat.  If you can dream it, there is probably a bar stool like it.  Cleaning your stool will increase the life of your furniture as well as improve the look.  The method of cleaning will depend on what the bar stool is made of.  You should aim to clean your stools often as part of your routine home cleaning.

Supplies Needed to Clean your Bar Stools

Depending on the bar stool you are cleaning, not all supplies below will be needed.

  • Soft cloth
  • Warm Water
  • Baking Soda
  • Saddle Soap
  • Leather Oil
  • Mild Detergent/soap
  • Soft bristle brush
  • Stain Guard
  • Wood Oil Soap
  • Chrome Spray

Sit Back and Relax in Clean Bar Stools in your kitchen

Leather Bar Stools

Leather bar stools are pretty easy to clean and condition. You can use saddle soap to clean the surface and then a leather oil to preserve it.  Use only products made specifically for leather. Check your products for the specified color of leather as leather can vary from light to very dark. Some soaps and oil will darken the leather, so be sure to read the label carefully and try an inconspicuous spot first.

Upholstered Bar Stools

Fabric bar stools may get stains that are more difficult to remove than other types of seats because the fabric soaks in liquids and dirt can be ground into the fabric. The first step is to identify the stains you are trying to remove. If it is simply a little dirt, wipe with warm water and a soft cloth. Add a little bit of mild soap if the stain has been sitting.

Oil and grease stains require a little more scrubbing. A soft bristle brush and soap can usually do the trick. Gently scrub the stain in a circular motion until the stain lightens. Ink stains require a lot of patience to remove. Try blotting the ink stain with alcohol or hair spray. Let it sit for a few minutes and try to rub it out with a soft cloth.

After you’ve cleaned your upholstered bar stool, spray it with a stain guard. This will help reduce the likelihood of future stains. Be sure to get a stain guard that is appropriate for your specific type of fabric.

Sit Back and Relax in Clean Bar Stools of upholstery

Wicker Bar Stools

You cannot always keep your wicker bar stools covered to protect them from stains, like coffee, chocolate, or tomato sauce, so you need to know how to clean them as part of your regular home cleaning. They are a bit challenging because of the texture, but it is totally doable. You’ll need a soft scrub brush and wood oil soap with water. Gently scrub the wicker to get all stains and food particles loosened. You can use a water hose to spray the wicker to rinse it off. If you use a hose, be sure to immediately blot your chairs dry. Water can ruin the wicker if it is left on to soak.

Chrome Bar Stools

Chrome bar stools are beautiful, but they do require some cleaning maintenance. You can use water and mild soap to clean off any messes. Be sure to completely dry the bar stool with a towel afterwards. Use a furniture polish or a chrome polish to give it that shiny brand new look. Be careful after you spray on the polish though; it may be slippery for a while until it dries.

No matter what your stools are made of, there is a quick and easy way to clean them. Incorporate periodic bar stool maintenance into your regular home cleaning routine for best results. With periodic cleaning, stains will be identified and removed quickly which is key for successful removal. Your bar stools give your home character and help define the space. It is important for them to be in top form for you and your guests to appreciate.