Coffee is a beautiful thing. It keeps us going on slow days and gives us that push when we really don’t want to do something. Unfortunately, spills and drips happen. Here are some ways to remove those awful coffee stains and get everything spotless again.


How to Remove Coffee Stains


Remove Stains with Beer

Get a coffee stain out of any kind of fabric with beer. Pour any kind of beer on top of the stain and gently rub with a cloth. Repeat this process to remove any of the stain that may be leftover.


Remove Stains with Egg Yolk

In a small bowl beat 1 egg for 30 seconds using a fork or egg beater. Apply the egg yolk to the stain and rub with a clean cloth for a few minutes. Rinse the egg yolk off the material using cold water. This will remove a coffee stain from any material.


Remove stains with Club Soda

A good cleaning tip for when you’re out and about, or when there’s nothing else nearby. Right after a spill douse the stain with club soda. Blot until the stain is gone.


Remove Stains from Dishes

Baking soda is a miracle worker when it comes to removing coffee stains from dishes. First moisten a clean cloth and sprinkle baking soda onto it. Then rub the baking soda onto the stained dish and rinse clean.


Coffee Stains Are a Thing of the Past

These coffee stain removal tips will work no matter how bad the stain may be. Now you can enjoy your coffee knowing that, even if you do spill, it’s not a disaster. You’re a stain lifting wizard!